May 27, 2010

Elbows, Technicals, & More Elbows

While another Boston team is choking a 3-0 games playoff lead, the big story coming out of Orlando last night was the rough play the technicals being thrown around. Kendrick Perkins was given a double technical and thrown out of the game. Luckily for Perkins and the Celtics, one of the T's was rescinded so Perkins won't be suspended for game 5.

The other story coming out of the game was the rough play of Dwight Howard. In the 2nd quarter Howard nailed Big Baby Davis with an elbow giving him a concussion. Was it an inadvertent elbow? You be the guess(Video below). Big Baby has already said he will try to play in game 6. Howard also nailed Paul Pierce in the third quarter going up for a rebound injuring Pierce.

Just a week ago everyone said let's get done with the conference finals and go straight to the NBA Finals with Boston and Los Angeles. Now the Phoenix-Los Angeles series is tied and the Boston-Orlando series has become very interesting. Boston looks old and flat, while Orlando looks rejuvenated. The NBA playoffs have finally become interesting.

Pictures of the Night courtesy of Jose3030.

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