November 9, 2009

The Links

Blake Lively to start the week..... Alex Ovechkin will be out with a wrist injury..... How about them refs last night in the Eagles-Cowboys game?...... Will the real Eagles please stand up?..... The New York Giants season is on life support...... Mark Martin has good chance to win his first NASCAR Championship..... The Grizzlies can't stop anyone, except Allen Iverson..... Lovie Smith could find himself out of a job real fast..... And people thought it couldn't get worse for the Redskins

Roger Goodell might not find Ochocinco so funny after this stunt (Larry Brown Sports)

What the hell is up with Sammy Sosa's skin? (Deadspin)

Tony Dungy: Buffalo is "darkhorse" for Vick in 2010 (PFT)

Bigger Fool: Allen Iverson or Grizzlies owner (Reds Army)

Stephon Marbury believes the NBA is fixed and David Stern should be replaced (Sharapova's Thigh)

Rap Sheet: Lawrence Taylor has been arrested again (PFT)

Terry Bradshaw leads the troops in a rendition of "God Bless America" (Awful Announcing)

The worst of the weekend in the NBA (Basketbawful)

And you thought losing to Brett Favre was bad, Packer fans (

Check out this dunk between Donte Green and Jason Thompson (Sactown Royalty)

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