November 5, 2009

The Links

Kate Beckinsale is hot..... Conspiracy theories in NASCAR..... The never ending Eli Manning vs. Phillip Rivers debate..... Is Kyle Orton a good quarterback or a product of the system?..... Adding insult to injury, Mets fans making fun of Phillies fans..... The Bengals-Ravens game could be blacked out in Cincinnati.... There will be a ton of Kayne jokes when Taylor Swift hosts SNL this weekend..... Has anyone seen Ryan Howard?

Congratulations to the New York Yankees (Fire Andy Reid Now!)

Phillies didn't play like champions (

Those wacky Penn State students (No Guts, No Glory)

LeBron to LA? (Reds Army)

Celebs then and now (Banned in Hollywood)

Al Davis definitely will not put up with these latest allegations against Tom Cable (PFT)

Will Michael Jordan swoop in and held UCF after Adidas dropped their contract with the school (Orlando Sentinel)

Could this the be the end for Jeff Fisher in Tennessee (The Tennessean)

Ideas left on the "30 for 30" cutting room floor (Joe Sports Fan)

Inappropiate Fatheads (Ladies...)

The hardest hits in the NFL, featuring Cal grad Zach Follett (Unathletic)

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