November 5, 2009

Inside the Paint: The Return of Ron-Ron

Los Angeles Lakers 103 Houston 102 in OT: This was an intriguing game from the start. Ron Artest was returning to Houston to face his old team, while Trevor Ariza faced off against his former team. Artest and Ariza where jawing at each other all night and both picked up offsetting technical fouls in the 1st quarter. In the end though Ariza doesn't have enough assassin in him, and the Rockets lost in overtime.

Miami 93 Washington 89: Washington had three chances to beat Miami in this game. First Gilbert Arenas missed a layup with 17 seconds left and tossing a lob pass off the rim to end the game. DeShawn Stevenson and his tattoo's missed two free throws with 44 seconds left after Dwayne Wade made the go-ahead jumper. Wade did drop 40 points on the Wizards to go along with five assists and four rebounds.

Phoenix 100 Orlando 122: The Magic handed the Suns an ass kicking and their first loss of the season. Former Cal player Ryan Anderson dropped a 20 and 10 on the Suns, while fitting in nicely for a suspended Rashard Lewis. Dwight Howard also had 25 points and 6 rebounds in the game. The immortal Steve Nash looked quite mortal against Jameer Nelson scoring 12 points with four assists and three turnovers.

Indiana 101 New York 89: A couple things from this game: 1) Good thing the Yankees were playing for they could take attention off how bad the Knicks are. 2) How bad are the Knicks? They lost by 12 points to a hapless Pacers team. 3) How did the Knicks only shoot 39% from the field? I thought Mike D'Antoni was their coach. Needless to say, New Yorkers better enjoy the Yankees World Series win, because the Knicks, Giants, and Jets aren't doing anything this year.

Atlanta 113 Sacramento 105: What can I say about the Kings? Even though they are 1-4 on the season, they should really be 2-3 on the season. The Kings couldn't finish against the Hornets last week and couldn't finish against the Hawks this week. They are a young team though that will over time learn how to finish games against tougher teams.

Boston 92 Minnesota 90: Off the Timberwolves are bad. They held the Celtics to 44% from the field and they still lost. Kevin Garnett burned his former team by passing two beautiful interior passes and then he forced a Corey Brewer jump ball that sealed the Celtics victory. Even on the night when the Celtics struggled, they still somehow won the game. Celtics have the look of a team that could win the championship.

Video of the Night: After the Celtics-Timberwolves game, the Boston CSN crew interviewed Kevin Garnett. One problem though, Kevin drops the F-bomb on live TV. Watch the hilarious reaction from the Celtics sideline reporter.

Create a Caption: Want a side of spleen to go along with that elbow?

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  1. I need the NBA to help me through the Phillies loss for the next couple of weeks.