November 3, 2009

The Links

Kim Kardashian dressed as Princess Jazmine on Halloween .....Chris Paul is starting to become frustrated in New Orleans..... A look at the upcoming games for the San Jose Sharks..... Share a grave with a stranger..... Is that a snake in your pants or you just happy to see me?..... Watch Hulk Hogan destroy TNA..... Could Comcast Cable buy NBC?...... Chase Utley is keeping the Phillies alive by himself.... Now the DNC is just making shit up

Apparently it's still Halloween (Awful Announcing)

Macy's is trying to jinx the Phillies (HHR)

Manu has to get rabies shots because of that little bat swat (Sports by Brooks)

Allen Iverson is already unhappy with his role on the team (Fanhouse)

Brandon Jennings has succedded in the NBA so far (YahooSports)

Brett Myers mocked Cole Hamels after game 5 (YahooSports)

Just another reason why Urban Meyer is a scumbag (Fanhouse)

The most ridiculous excuse why Meyer's punishment for Spikes was right (Tampa Tribune)

Raiders are hitting a all-time low (SF Chronicle)

Worst of the Night in the NBA (Basketbawful)

A goalie doing the moonwalk on the ice (With Leather)

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