November 3, 2009

Inside the Paint: Iverson Already Complaining

116 Memphis 127 Sacramento in OT: Allen Iverson barely played in his first game for the Grizzlies and is already complaining about playing time. "I had no problems (with the hamstring)," Iverson said afterward. "I had a problem with my butt from sitting on that bench so long. That's the only thing I got a problem with." You wanted him Memphis and you got him. Kevin Martin scored 48 points for the Kings and Spencer Hawes added 21 points off the bench.

I just wanted to remind everyone that the most loyal and loudest fans reside in Sacramento. If the Kings can ever get back to a high level of play, watch out.

111 New Orleans 117 New York: Poor Chris Paul. He tries his hardest and his team still sucks. Paul scored 32 points and dished out 13 assists but it still wasn't enough to beat the hapless Knicks. David Lee scored 28 points for the Knicks and Chris Duhon added 18 points and nine assists.

68 New Jersey 79 Charlotte: In a game equivalent to the Rams-Lions game, Charlotte prevailed behind Gerald Wallace's 24 points and career-high 20 rebounds. New Jersey jumped out to a 41-33 lead at halftime only to score 7 points in the third quarter and only 20 points in the fourth. A lot of finger pointing in Jersey right now and that finger could land on head coach Lawrence Frank showing him the door.

113 Houston 96 Utah: Despite playing without Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, Houston is off to a 3-1 start. Houston is being lead by a balanced attack that is featuring Shane Battier, Luis Scola, Chuck Hayes, Aaron Brooks, and Trevor Ariza. Despite a superstar, Houston is doing quite well with a balanced attack and a great coach in Rick Adleman.

90 Minnesota 93 Los Angeles Clippers: The NBA scheduled Monday, November 2nd perfectly. Knowing the World Series and Monday Night Football would be on the same night, the NBA scheduled it's worst teams to play. And you wondered why David Stern is considered a genius. By the way, Chris Kaman scored 25 points and grabbed 11 rebounds for the Clippers in the victory.

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  1. I've always said that Stern should have ran for President.