October 29, 2009

Must List: Week 9

Can you believe we are already at the eighth week of the college football season? Can you believe how mediocre this season has been? There isn't a single team in college football where it all has come together. Florida, Alabama, and Texas all have their problems. Either their running game, passing games have struggled for these teams. Also not a single person has solidified themselves as the Heisman front runner. A very nondescript year in college football. Now that I'm done with my rant, here's this week's Must List.

Announcing schedule for this week.

Friday, October 30th
West Virginia @ South Florida(ESPN2, 8PM)- Once again the goofy Big East comes down to three teams. And once again we could see all three teams all fall down. West Virginia, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh all have chances to win the Big East this year. West Virginia could be the first team out of those three to lose. Even if South Florida has lost two in a row, they could still beat West Virginia because A) they play in the Big East B)Bill Stewart is still West Virginia's head coach C)The game is in Tampa D)goofy shit happens in the Big East. Joe Tessitore and Rod Gilmore finally have an exciting game to call.

Saturday, October 31th
New Mexico State @ Ohio State(BTN, Noon)- I'm only mentioning this game because it's so random. Ohio State is playing New Mexico State in the end of October? There seems to be at least on crazy non-conference match up every week and this is the one.

Florida vs. Georgia (CBS, 3:30PM)- Ready for some more Saint Timmy love from Vern and Garry? Me neither, but I'm sure we are going to get a lot of it this weekend. The only reason this game is at all intriguing is because of Florida never forgetting that little Georgia stunt from 2007. I'm sure Saint Timmy and Urb will find enough strength to run up the score against an inferior Georgia team.

Kansas State @ Oklahoma (FSN, 7PM)- When these two match up it's always interesting. Anyone remember the 2003 Big XII Championship? Oklahoma that year was already dubbed one of the greatest college football teams ever. Uh oh! Oklahoma was destroyed by Kansas State in the Big XII Championship. The thing I remember most about this game, was Darren Sproles going Barry Sanders against the Oklahoma defense. This was the game that the title Big Game Bob was ripped away from Bob Stoops. His mentor Bill Snyder humiliated him. So this year's game should be interesting because Oklahoma has always struggled against Kansas State.

Eastern Michigan @ Arkansas (ESPNU, 7PM)- What did I say about strange non-conference match ups in the middle of the year? You can always find these strange match ups. Ah, nothing like beating up on a inferior opponent to make yourselves feel better.

USC @ Oregon (ABC/ESPN2, 8PM)- This game will determine the Pac-10 Championship. Ok, not really because both of these teams could lose another game this year. I just like making big statements. You should though watch this game. The weather is suppose to be crazy in the Northwest and Oregon has responded nicely from the whole LeGarrette Blount situation. Also USC could easily be defeated in this game, even though they won't lose to Oregon. Pete Carroll never loses these type of games. He only loses games to Washington, Oregon State, and Stanford.

So this isn't exactly the best college football weekend. There really isn't a huge national game that everyone will like. But if your a college football junkie like myself, you will enjoy that epic New Mexico State @ Ohio State game.

Drink of the Week, Gordon Biersch: You can find this beer all over the United States. But I want to specifically talk about Gordon Biersch garlic fries. These have become a staple at AT&T Park. I found the recipe on how to make these type of garlic fries and I plan on making some myself.

Just Watch the World Series: Game 3 will be on Saturday night in Philadelphia. Oh wait! Check that. You don't want to watch Game 3 of the World Series because Andy Pettite is pitching for the Yankees. And for some reason, FOX loves showing extreme close up's or Pettite's large nostrils.

Books: I think I will be doing a lot of reading on Saturday. I bought Bill Simmons "The Book of Basketball" on Tuesday and have already read about 150 pages of it. If you like Bill Simmons/history/NBA you will like this book. There is also another reason why you should like this book, but's that for another post later today.

Movie Trailer Time: For some reason I want to watch Martin Scorsese's new movie "Shutter Island". It's like a cross between horror/suspense/mystery/thriller. I've always loved these type of movies. That's why I have always loved "Silence of the Lambs." Here's on of the first trailers to "Shutter Island."



  1. Keith, that is an absolutely fantastic fucking recipe. Who knew?

  2. Don't mess with me, kt. I can smell you sarcasm 3,000 miles away.

  3. Actually, I've got 'em cooking in the oven right now...smells delicious

  4. *cuts & pastes garlic fries recipe*

    Why did the college football powers that be determine this was "Eviscerate a Directional Michigan school" weekend?

    /graduated from one of those directional schools
    //Central can cover (maybe even beat) BC Saturday