October 29, 2009

Inside the Paint: Uh Oh, Cleveland

101 Toronto 91 Cleveland: If you took LeBron off Cleveland, how many games does this team win? 30 games? 20 games? Because without LeBron last night, the Cavaliers would have lost by a bigger margin. LeBron had a triple-double in the game with 23 points, 12 assists, and 11 rebounds. The poor guy has to do everything. He lead the team in assists and rebounds last night. The Big Geritol only had 12 points and 7 rebounds, while Mo Williams had only had 2 assists and he's the point guard. Cleveland is headed for a long season.

105 Jazz 114 Denver: Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points last including a sick dunk against Paul Millsap(video below). Chauncey Billips added in 25 points and and 2 assists. Rookie Ty Lawson though stole the show in his debut scoring 17 points and recording 6 assists. Philadelphia is going to regret passing on Lawson.

120 Orlando 106 Philadelphia: The Sixers had to outscore Orlando 37-20 in the 4th quarter just to make this game look respectable. Early season MVP favorite Dwight Howard scored 21 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in only 29 minutes of work. The more I watched Orlando last night the more I'm convinced they could go back to the NBA finals this year.

92 Boston 59 Charlotte: I thought the Sacramento Kings looked bad last night. At least they scored more than 59 points last night and didn't get beat by 33 points. The Bobcats only shot 31 percent from the field and missed all ten 3-point attempts. At least there are other teams in the league that make me feel happy about how horrible the Kings are. The Bobcats scored the fewest points in a opening game since the shot clock era began. Gah

95 Minnesota 93 New Jersey: Add the New Jersey Nets as another team that makes me feel better about how horrible the Kings are. The Timberwolves went on a 24-6 run and still had to have a last-second Damien Wilkens shot to beat the Nets. Rookie Jonny Flynn scored 18 points and added in four assists in his NBA debut.

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  1. It's going to be a long season for us.