October 29, 2009

Awful Announcing Makes an Appearance in Bill Simmons New Book

Okay I must admit, I bough Bill Simmons new book, 'The Book of Basketball'. I'm a sucker for Bill Simmons columns, history, and the wildness of the NBA. This book provides all three. This book so far is laced with Simmons usual sarcasm, charm, wit, and more profanity since it not on ESPN's website. It also provides the history of the NBA and how we got here. And it delves into the wild stories of the NBA, like the coke stores of the 70's and 80's, the Kermit Washington punch, and the NBA-ABA merger. It's been the perfect book so far, and I look forward to continue reading it.

The book also contains footnotes. Now I haven't seen a footnote since I read Shakespeare's 'Othello' in high school. And the only reason why there is footnotes in 'Othello' is because no one today understands Shakespeare(I did of course. I got a 100% on my 'Othello' test as a high school senior.) Simmons book features footnotes because Simmons likes to be a sarcastic. The footnotes also allow Simmons to reminisce about his favorite 80's TV shows. Again you might not like Simmons and his pop culture references, but I do.

So last night after the Sharks shootout win against the Kings, I decided to do some reading before I went to bed. I picked up Simmons book and continued to read about how the NBA go to this point. At this point of the book Simmons starts talking about how former NBA legends became broadcasters and how horrible they were.

Simmons was talking about Oscar Robertson in particular. At the end of the paragraph about Robertson's broadcasting career, there is a number to one of Simmons' footnotes. So I look down to read the footnote and it said this.......

57"It's really a shame that dude who runs "Awful Announcing" blog wasn't around back then."

This footnote appears on page 117, chapter 3 of Simmons book.

Yep, Brian and his blog Awful Announcing makes an appearance in Simmons new book. Have to love how Simmons called Brian that dude, like he's a character from The Big Lebowski.

Also you have to love how Simmons gives Awful Announcing full credit and wishes that site was around when Oscar Robertson, Isiah Thomas, Moses Malone, and Dr. J were all broadcasters. I guess it goes to show, no matter what decade we live in, there will always be Awful Announcing.


  1. Actually, I'm shocked Simmons didn't include the Matt Goukas era of NBA announcing.

  2. no matter what decade we live in, there will always be Awful Announcing.

    AA immortality FTW!

  3. Cool, unless Simmons shouts out to Brad James and/or Nathan Brice later on.