October 22, 2009

The Links

Blake Lively to start the mourning.... Cedric Benson is sort of crazy..... Who will be the next Houston Astros manager?..... Cincinnati's Andre Smith claims he lost weight...... The Rams somehow avoid the blackout for Sunday's game against Indianapolis...... Remember when Giant Gonzalez wrestled in the WWE?...... Time to give Charlie Manuel his proper respect..... I think us Giants fans enjoyed the NLCS more than Phillies fans

They start them young in Philly (Deadspin)

Mark Sanchez is quite the ladies man (The Big Lead)

A.J. went kind of crazy yesterday on Deadspin (Cousins of Ron Mexico)

Keith Bulluck wasn't happy with Jeff Fisher for wearing that Manning jersey (PFT)

Hey! A teacher that isn't guilty for sleeping with her student (KY Post)

Do you realize the NFL is playing their yearly game in London this weekend? (FoxSports)

The NBA draft class of 06 is looking like a huge bust right now (TrueHoop)

Sex, Lies, and ESPN (Fanhouse)

Giants fan in shambles (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

Suck it TBS! (Awful Announcing)

Suck it Brett Myers (Fire Andy Reid Now!)

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