September 25, 2009

The Links

Denise Milani to finish off the week.... Pearl Jam could have the number 1 album..... "Barbie" to become live action movie..... Remember! Houston Nutt is still Ole Miss' head coach.... Tennessee won't admit it, but they miss Haynesworth.... Both Lions and Raiders have been blacked out this weekend.... Week 3 injury report

This sort of thing can only happen in Arkansas (Mom Logic)

I'm sure Bruce Pearl is going to be in big trouble for these comments (The Big Lead)

Los Angeles is taking steps forward at getting an NFL team (PFT)

I didn't know one home run could kick me in the nuts so hard? (SF Chronicle)

Jets tampering accusation could be worse than Spygate (YahooSports)

Bode Miller is back! (AP)

Dana White: Not impressed with Herschel Walker (Cageside Seats)

I wouldn't mind if the Giants signed this guy (Fishstripes)

No one has signed the great Wally Szczerbiak yet? (Fanhouse)

Brad Lidge has entered the Ray Finkle Zone (The Sports Hernia)

I wonder if Olberman will add Jay Leno to the Worst Person's list after having Rush Limbaugh on his show? Also think about this though. I still find it hilarious that Limbaugh was on with Jay Leno on a NBC show. I'm sure Olberman had his voodoo doll out.

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