September 28, 2009

The Links

It's Monday so it's time for another picture of Marisa Miller.... The Redskins stink and their mascot is offensive..... GameDay will be at Boston College for some reason this weekend...... Where does Tennessee go from here?..... Sad story in Southern California..... "The Gap" founder had died.... Now why the hell should we pay for an illegal immigrants health care?

The Trail Blazers only go as far as Greg Oden takes them (The Oregonian)

Florio is going to pound the Larry Fitzgerald's brother twitter story into the ground (PFT)

That thing you smell, it's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Fanhouse)

Ozzie Guillen hates football (The Sporting Blog)

Al Shapton will be guest hosting Monday Night Raw tonight (Camel Clutch Blog)

Did you know hockey comes back this week? (Puck Daddy)

Rams have replaced the Lions as the worst team (

Singletary won't let the 49ers hang their heads (SF Chronicle)

The Chiefs were just trying to survive yesterday in Philly (Jason Whitlock)

Stay classy Jim Mora (Seattle PI)

Suck it Arizona (Arizona Republic)

Check out this wreck Joey Logano was in this weekend. He's okay

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  1. I would like to thank Jason Whitlock for expressing the same sentiment that I did in our live blog about the Chiefs completely giving up in that 2nd half.

    Sure the Eagles dominated and looked good in the process, that they did. They earned a 17-point lead at the break, but down 20 with 15 minutes to go is enough time for a comeback if you have urgency and a will to win. The Chiefs had neither yesterday.