September 11, 2009

The Links

Denise Milani to finish off the week.... Key injuries heading into the first week of the NFL season.... One Hog Flu shot is all you need.... That idiot Joe Wilson is still taking flack over his congress outburst.... Nirvana members are not happy with the new Guitar Hero.... Now Katherine Heigl is the lattest celebrity to adopt a child from a foreign country

Shawne Merriman is quite the freak (The Big Lead)

Anyone taking Caster Semenya to the senior prom? (Daily News)

Quite a story about how Tom Coughlin guided his son to safety during 9/11 (NY Post)


Peter Vecsey's speech last night was quite epic (The Big Lead)

Chipper Jones isn't happy with his current performance (MLB Daily Dish)

Raiders send Seymore a "Five-Day letter" (Projo)

Los Angeles continues a push to bring in a NFL team (PFT)

The conversionation between God and Allen Iverson (Basketbawful)

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