July 8, 2009

The Links

A KSJ first, two girls grace the links post. Here we have the Krupa sisters. You might know Joanna as the girl who cussed out T.O. on Superstars.... Keith Olberman is an hypocrite? Who knew?..... Michael Jackson was laid to rest, yesterday.... Obama's approval rating is dropping.... Nine Inch Nails to play more farewell concerts? What will Trent Razor do now?.... Coach K will continue to coach Team USA.... Brock Lesnar is a giant meat head

The big thug Chris Pronger signed an long term extension with Philadelphia (Puck Daddy)

Abbey Clancy looking really good (Sharapova's Thigh)

LeBron James gets dunked on, and then has the video immediately confiscated (The Big Lead)

There is even less dialogue in Porn now (NY Times)

Even with the return of Manny, Fox still can't improve their ratings (Sprots Media Wach)

Colorado is losing a lot with Joe Sakic retiring (Denver Post)

This guy compares Lance Armstrong to Sarah Palin (Slate)

246 reason why to vote Pablo Sandoval into the All-Star game (YahooSports)

A look at the sports figures inspired by Michael Jackson (HHR)

UFC 100 is this weekend. Here's a preview

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