May 14, 2014

"That's Our Ball"

This Clippers-Thunder series has had everything so far. Chris Paul going supernova. Kevin Durant doing Kevin Durant things. Scotty Brooks imploding. Everything leading up to last night's game 5. A game that I was excited about until I saw this tweet before the game by Bill Simmons.

Has there been a more accurate prediction before the game even started? "This reffing crew and what could go wrong?" Simmons has never looked smarter. Because of course something did go wrong and of course it happened late in the game.

Now look one call doesn't win a game for a team, Chris Paul melting down had a bigger impact on the final score, but woof that is a horrendous call at the end of the game. What could go wrong was everything in the final moments and Bill Simmons has never looked smarter.

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