May 27, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: Fired up Red Sox, Cubs vs MLBPA, & Red Hot Blue Jays

49er16: Can you tell me when was it not appropriate to advance a base on a error? I didn't realize the Rays broke some unwritten rule here?

The Colonel: I think I agree with the assessment that the Red Sox were mainly frustrated with themselves more than with the Rays themselves. I mean after all the season hasn't exactly been stellar for them. Their guys that had career years last year aren't panning out (we'll call this *gulp* Giants Syndrome) and the guys they didn't bring back like Salty are chugging along. They were a big time hocus pocus team last year. Career years and karma really carried them.

49er16: Their pitching staff has been a mess this year. Pedroia has regressed badly. I would say Big Papi finally looks old but he's looked old before and came back.

The Colonel: I like this story about the players union complaining about the Cubs not spending enough money. "WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS SIGNING CRAPPY PLAYERS TO CONTRACTS, DAMMIT?"

49er16: "Seriously? Why haven't you guys signed Jeff Keppinger yet?" I do love how vague their message is. It doesn't suggest at all who to sign? Do they want the Cubs to sign someone like Kendry Morales? Do they want them to pick up Jeff Keppinger? Or are they wondering why the Cubs didn't go after someone like Ellsbury? And shouldn't this be a overall baseball issue to take up during the CBA negotiations?

The Colonel: I've predicted multiple times but I do believe the next CBA negotiations are going to be heated. Between players like Morales and Drew not signing until after the first month because of draft picks, to teams like the Astros holding back Springer to delay his free agent eligibility, there's going to be some issues the owners and the MLBPA are going to have to sort out.

49er16: It's going to be a mess. The union is going to have to enter new territory with everyone else. These new Sabermetric GM's are going to strip down these teams, collect assets, and not overpay for role players anymore. I'm sorry but the union is going to have to adjust to this new life in baseball with everyone else.

The Colonel: Can anyone stop the Blue Jays right now? My goodness they're hitting at an incredible rate. They just went through the A's like a buzzsaw. I said it a few days ago that I'm still skeptical of their pitching staff but this is impressive.

49er16: In that division, I ain't counting them out. All those teams have flaws. We already went over the Red Sox. I don't believe in the Yankees based on their collective age and injury history. The Rays have too many injuries. The team to look out for is Baltimore.

The Colonel: Baltimore to me is too inconsistent. They're hot, they're not. Their pitching looks good. It looks horrible. Their hitters are crushing the balls. Their hitters are flaying away at everything. I'm not sold.

49er16: Plus their run differential like everyone else in that division is horrible. It is amazing to me how badly the run differential is in that division.

The Colonel: Combination of things to factor in the AL East. You've got regression (Red Sox), age (Yankees), injuries (Rays), and hackers (Orioles) is why you see the out of whack run differential.

49er16: So what games are we looking forward to the rest of this week? I'm personally looking forward to watching Sale pitch again on Tuesday. He's pitching porn.

The Colonel: /watch Sale have to have Tommy John surgery

49er16: Have a good week folks.


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