April 14, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: Instant Replay, MLB Network Complaints, & More

49er16: Figures the first truly blown replay challenge involves Derek Jeter because of course. My favorite part is that they say they didn't have the angles showing Jeter's foot off the bag even though the Yes Network showed it. Begs to question at what type of feeds they have at their replay system?

The Colonel: It wouldn't surprise me at all if MLB is using equipment from the 1970's to look at those plays. Leave it up to this league to half-ass instant replay.

49er16: I'm just thankful they have replay at all. This league moves so slowly they make the NCAA seem fast to change.

The Colonel: Speaking of change, it didn't take long for the Marlins to crash and burn. They've lost 7 straight after starting the year 5-1. It was nice while it lasted in Miami.

49er16: Look who is their bullpen and has given up 4 runs in 6 innings. I'm amazed that it's their pitching right now that sucks. The hitting has been fine but their bullpen and a few of their starters have been terrible so far.

The Colonel: How mediocre is the AL East right now? The Blue Jays and Rays lead the division with 7-6 records and everyone else are worse. Of course that doesn't stop ESPN and the MLB Network from airing all of their games.

49er16: I've been bitching about that all week. I just don't understand how you're going to grow a game by only airing Yankee/Red Sox and the rest of the AL East games. Basically those networks are saying to the rest of the league, only these teams matter and yours doesn't.

The Colonel: My question is, no matter how bad the AL East is this season will the MLB Network continue to air Yankee games while ignoring everyone else? That network doesn't even show Nationals games and I'd much rather watch them than another Orioles/Yankees game.

49er16: They don't care. They'll air Yankee and Red Sox games and they don't care how mediocre either of those teams are. Especially with Jeter's retirement tour going on.

The Colonel: What's amazing about this Brewers streak is that Braun hasn't been that special this year so far except for that one game against the Phillies. Aramis Ramirez has found the fountain of youth and Lucroy and Gomez have picked up where they left off. Mirage or not?

49er16: Their bullpen has been spectacular this year. Even Fransisco Rodriguez is playing like he's on the Angels again. Plus I like their starting rotation.

The Colonel: I do like the top of that rotation. Right now though everything in baseball is a mirage.

49er16: Looking forward to any series this week? Seattle-Texas is weirdly fascinating to me. And we have Giants-Dodgers this week.

The Colonel: Giants-Dodgers are the must watch of the week. Of course I'm sure the MLB Network won't air a single game of that series because neither of those teams play in New York or Boston.

49er16: Have a good week, folks.



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