March 3, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: AL East

The Colonel and I over the next 5 weeks will preview all 6 divisions. We'll preview the NL East this coming Friday and then the rest of the divisions over the month of March. 

49er16: Okay which team should we start our preview with?

The Colonel: Might as well start with the champion Red Sox. Talk about an embarrassment of riches, they lose players like Stephen Drew and Jacoby Ellsbury and immediately plug in rookies who have a higher upside and are cheaper. And if neither works out, they can trade for someone before the deadline.

49er16: Jackie Bradley Jr. didn't exactly light up the league during his stint last year but the Red Sox did the smart thing and sent him back to the minors. And like you said, they can always try to trade for someone down the line. I am fascinated that every offseason David Ortiz complains about being "under appreciated" IE he wants more money.

The Colonel: It's going to be painful when he really does break down and have a shitty "I'm over 35 years old" season. His exit from Boston could be really awkward but not as awkward as Manny Ramirez's exit. Speaking of awkward, what happens if Jeter sucks this season?

49er16: If Jeter sucks, it'll be ignored. The media is so far up that guy's ass he could be a carbon copy of Alex Rodriguez and still be loved. There probably hasn't been someone who has worked the media as well as him.

The Colonel: I love how the Yankees spent all this money on players who are all over 30-years old except Tanaka and he's an unproven. Speaking of Tanaka, I wish Steinbrenner was still alive and Tanaka sucked just to hear the Boss call him something really inappropriate.

49er16: I can't wait until Ellsbury has his annual injury where he's out for 6 weeks. Yankees fans will turn on him quick, "HE MICKIE, THE RED SOX TRAITOR IS ALREADY HURT. I TOLD YOU DUDE HE'S A SPY FOR THE RED SOX. NOW LETS GO PLAY SOME STICKBALL."

The Colonel: I'm looking at the Yankees bullpen and I'm pretty sure they maybe should have spent a couple of million on a reliever. Woof dat bullpen.

49er16: I did not see that the Rays have picked up the immortal Heath Bell who can't find a home after signing that deal with Florida Miami. Watch him have a great season now because A) he's on the Rays and they'll use their voodoo on him B) he's in the last year of his deal so he'll have a contract year.

The Colonel: How often will we have to hear about the Myers-Shields trade this year because every Sabermetric writer is a Rays fan? Over 1,000 times?

49er16: You will hear about that trade and how awful it was for the Royals until you're dead. Because like you said, pretty much every Sabermetric writer is either a Rays fan, Mariners fan, or Royals fan.

The Colonel: The Orioles fascinate me. They don't do anything until spring training is about to start and then they go out and sign Jimenez and Nelson Cruz. Too bad they still have a bunch of players who have never heard of the concept of getting on base.

49er16: It is amazing to me that after Chris Davis, the next player who played a huge chunk of games with an average OBP was Nate McLouth. Pretty much everyone on that team don't walk. I'm amazed they score runs at all. Oh that's right they play in the bandbox AL East and score everything via home run.

The Colonel: Remember last season when everyone was celebrating that trade by the Blue Jays? Yeah you're not hearing as much hype this season.

49er16: Their rotation looks horrendous. Dickey is their best pitcher. They're going to give JA Happ big innings despite the fact he can't pitch. They're hoping a couple of players recover from Tommy John surgery. I mean yikes.

The Colonel: What about the rest of their lineup? They're hoping Bautista and Encarnacion continuing having big seasons while Colby Rasmus continues to improve and they're hoping Brett Lawrie has a bounce back season. When a team is "hoping" I'm running away from them. They have 75 wins and another last place finish written all over them.

49er16: Anything else we missed?


49er16: Have a good week, folks.

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  1. Oh man the Jeter slurping will be out of control this year.