March 13, 2014

Baseball Players and Freak Injuries

Baseball players and freak injuries go together like peanut butter and jelly. And they only happen to baseball players. You never hear stories about how Tom Brady sprained his thumb using a recliner like Mike Remlinger back in the day. No basketball player is dumb enough to iron a shirt he's wearing and burn himself like John Smoltz.

Bizarre injuries just happen to baseball players for some reason. And they've struck this year already. Francisco Rodriguez had to miss a game for the Brewers because he stepped on a cactus. Yes he stepped on a cactus.

And Josh Beckett of the Dodgers has now injured his thumb on the clubhouse doors. From Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times:

"Beckett said his thumb was caught in a set of doors leading into the clubhouse about 10 days ago."

Are you fucking kidding me? Only this shit happens to baseball players and it happens all the time. Baseball players seriously need to be wrapped in bubble wrap at all times when they're not on the diamond.

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