January 7, 2014

Must List: A Look Back at the College Football Predictions

Looking back at my college football predictions I came to one conclusion, I know college football way more than the NFL. I say that because unlike my NFL predictions, my college football predictions were pretty much spot on. Let's take a look back.

Louisville Will Win Their Conference, but Be Left Out of the National Title Game: They didn't even win their conference! UCF and Blake Bortles beat them and then went on to win the Big East American Conference. Louisville despite not winning the conference was still a very good team and probably should have made it to a BCS game.

Lane Kiffin Will Finally Be Fired After This Season: And he was fired in spectacular fashion. Fired on the team bus returning from a loss to Arizona State. It was beautiful and adds to the Lane Kiffin firing legacy although it wasn't as good as Al Davis firing him via overhead projector.

Jadeveon Clowney Won't Live Up To The Hype: It barely took until halftime of the first game before Clowney lived down to his incredible hype. He looked out of shape and tired for most of that first game of the year and never quite looked right again. It didn't take long after that for his character to be questioned and the usual hit pieces to emerge. Looking at the stats I never realized how badly he actually played this season. He only had 3 sacks on the year, good for 2nd place on his own team, while being outplayed by his own teammate Kelcy Quarles. I have no idea where he'll be drafted but him and Manziel will be by far and away the most dissected players in the draft.

Johnny Manziel Won't Play At The End of the Season: I was wrong here big time. He had another great season and probably should have won the Heisman but because he didn't play on the best team in the nation he came in 2nd. As I said about Clowney his NFL future will be fascinating because his character will be questioned and questioned hard in coming months.

The Deck Is Stacked For Alabama to Three-Peat: And the deck was stacked. A&M didn't have a defense. LSU just wasn't that good. The rest of the SEC was pathetic. It was all set up until Saban decided to kick a 80 yard field goal to end the Iron Bowl. We all know how that game ended but the point still stands. It was all set up for Bama to three-peat and a Saban brain fart prevented it.

Stanford Will Win The Pac-12 and Play In the National Title Game: They did win the Pac-12 but they could never get out of their own way against lesser teams like USC and Utah. And then David Shaw couldn't get out of his own way in the Rose Bowl.

Georgia Will Do Something To Blow Their Chance: Too many injuries prevented Georgia from blowing their chance this season.

Something Crazy Will Happen In 1 LSU Game This Season: Les let everyone down and didn't allow a crazy thing to happen in one of his game. Disappointed in you, Les.

Someone Will Come Out of Nowhere To Win the Heisman: And someone did come out of nowhere to win the Heisman. Who saw Jeimis Winston winning the Heisman? Anyone? That's why it's always ridiculous to predict the Heisman winner before the season starts or even before the final week is played.

So long BCS, hello playoffs! Until next season.


  1. Per my comment in your prediction post, while it wasn't a Bruins Nation post per se, it was rather hilarious to see UCLA fans on my Twitter timeline complain about their escape of SLC with a victory over the Utes as a game that for them was "hard to watch". I had to agree, I watched Travis Wilson throw half a dozen INTs in that game. I tell you, no program does "first world problems" quite the way UCLA does "first world problems".

    One of these

  2. One of these days, one or both of us needs to dig up some sort of "Stupid Things UCLA Fans Whine About" posts.

    1. That would take forever digging through Bruins Nation posts. They complain about bottled water.

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