December 4, 2013

Video: Insane, Insane, Insane

What a wild night in the Association last night. It started in Boston when Avery Bradley made this insane shot behind the backboard against the Bucks.....Via Eye on Basketball 

Boston would go on to win that game and later on the night the Celtics would jump from 9th in the Eastern Conference to 4th (I'm not kidding about this) because the Toronto Raptors imploded. I mean the Raptors really imploded. Like they gave up a 64-28 run to the Golden State Warriors to finish out the game and knocked themselves out of the 4th spot. Check out the Warriors 3pt chart in the 4th quarter.

I watched the end of that game and Toronto couldn't grab a rebound if it saved their life. It was quite pathetic to watch the Warriors get 2nd chance opportunity after 2nd chance opportunity. I mean look at that chart, the Warriors did miss shots but because of offensive rebounds the Warriors had a 2nd chance points. The Warriors also didn't take a single midrange jumper in the 4th which I'm sure made the sabermetrics followers in basketball fap.

Just an insane, insane, insane night in the NBA.


  1. Seeing as how I have a day job that means I have to get up at 5 every morning, I missed both the second half of the Warriors game as well as the second half of the Ute basketball game. One thing I did notice during the first quarter or so was how bad the Warriors were getting outrebounded. I went to bed thinking to myself "the Warriors are going to lose this game to a bad Raptors team. We can't have nice things."

    I will admit though, it's very weird for me to have the expectation of beating "lesser" opponents. There weren't many expectations at all during the Brian Winters era, for example, so it's been nice I suppose.

    1. The Warriors have 2 problems that I see haunting them against teams like Portland or San Antonio in the playoffs: 1) their bench isn't that good 2) they do struggle rebounding.