October 28, 2013

Talkin' Sports: Flipping the Bird, Picked Off, & Grandpa Jerry

49er16: Did you see NFL referee analyst Mike Pereira slapping himself on the back for catching Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver flipping the bird at the refs yesterday? He even made a Obamacare joke! My favorite part of that column is that Pereira actually thinks people were offended by Tarver. Um Mike, I hate to tell you this but there are millions of people flipping the bird at the refs in football games.

The Colonel: Pereira defends those refs like they are actually family. He was embarrassing when the scab refs were officiating games that I honestly thought he was the NFL refs union leader. And here's the thing that gets me is that he's basically on all of the Fox's football shows. Because when I need someones opinion on the read option in college football and the NFL I want Mike Pereira's opinion.

49er16: It's almost as if Fox didn't want to hire another person for their college football show so they were like, "just throw Pereira on that show and no one will notice."

The Colonel: Have we ever seen a weirder end to two different World Series games? I half expect a game now to end on a walkoff balk. Where's Bob Davidson to make this happen?

49er16: My favorite part of last night's game was not only drunk Mike Shannon confused as to why the Red Sox would hold Kolten Wong on the bag but it sounded like McCarver was also confused. Are we sure these two actually played baseball?

The Colonel: I can't stand listening to Mike Shannon. Hawk Harrelson may be a homer but at least he doesn't sound like he's three sheets to the wind like Shannon. I have no clue if Shannon drinks before or during broadcasts but it sure the hell sounds like it and that makes him annoying.

49er16: Are you going to tell me you didn't like drunk Harry Caray's act next? You must also hate puppies, pizza, and America.

The Colonel: Yep, I hate all of above.

49er16: I love how Jerry Jones treats Dez Bryant like he's a small spoiled child. "Well of course Dez can throw a tantrum. He can also have ice cream for dinner and whatever toy he wants".

The Colonel: Jerry Jones has reached that weird age in his life where he's too damn old to watch over a rebuild so his team just sticks around in mediocrity. So he tries to keep a fringe playoff team together instead of rebuilding while throwing crap on the wall (signing or drafting players that don't fit) just because he doesn't want to wait around for a rebuild.

49er16: This is also known as the Al Davis Theory. Just throw crap on the wall because you're about to die so that leads to more bad decisions and more bad decisions.

The Colonel: Kinda like you after drinking.

49er16: Hey, I love her you know.

The Colonel: You've had better weekend's though.

49er16: Better than Chris Mortensen.

The Colonel: Just a reminder to folks, this actually happened yesterday.

49er16: Have a good week, folks.


  1. Dating back to the Immaculate Reception, Rob Lytle's fumble and Tom Brady's "incomplete pass", I fully endorse Tarver in this endeavor. It also reflects my feelings toward Idaho drivers, too, but that's another subject.

    1. I do as well. I love Periera getting all high and might there.