October 14, 2013

Talkin' Sports: Baseball Playoffs, NFL, & NBA

49er16: Or you enjoying the Dodgers decline as much as I am? There's just something special seeing the Dodgers lose. I don't care if they're losing to "Baseball's Best Racist Fans" or not, it's sweet. #Blessed

The Colonel: I know you love seeing the Dodgers lose because you just took off your pants...........I did get a sick joy admittedly over seeing Kershaw lose a 1-0 game. He won a bunch of those games in 2011 against Tim Lincecum. About time he got a taste of his own medicine.

49er16: That was the sweetest part of game 2. Now that being said I dread another Tigers-Cardinals World Series.

The Colonel: I believe Fox also dreads another Tigers-Cardinals World Series. Too bad MLB doesn't have a version of Dick Bavetta because he'd definitely officiate a couple of those Cards-Dodgers games in Los Angeles and the Dodgers would get every call.

49er16: Don't remind me of Bavetta. I'm still in therapy over that.

The Colonel: Speaking of basketball, didn't their finals just end last week. They're seriously about to start another season. Don't they play long enough in basketball?

49er16: I've figured out why the NBA/NHL offseasons don't feel long at all. It's because by September college football and the NFL have started. Baseball is in their playoffs so both of those leagues kinda just sneak up on you. You're like, "Oh the NBA has started? Oh well I guess I won't pay attention to this league until at least Christmas when they show like 10 games on ESPN/ABC."

The Colonel: I've always maintained that basketball should start their season in December. Same with college basketball. November to me is for football. The NFL season is getting interesting and college football is wrapping up. Wait until December 15th to start your season, NBA. I mean does anyone who isn't a die hard basketball fan pay attention to the NBA until then?

49er16: I'll watch Kings games and whatever games are on TNT Thursday nights but that's it. I really don't get that much into the NBA really until their All-Star break and that's during the down period of the sports year when the Super Bowl has been played and March Madness and baseball are around the corner. I wish I was more into the NBA and the NHL, but I'm not fully invested in those sports like baseball.

The Colonel: I'm with you there. It's really just football and baseball for me that I'm fully invested in. I like basketball and sorta like hockey but not enough to get into for the entire season.

49er16: I still can't believe how much the NBA charges for their NBA computer package compared to MLB.tv. It's outrageous. They charge $50 bucks more and you get half of the games. MLB gets a lot of things wrong, but they don't mess up their computer package.

The Colonel: That's another reason why I don't follow the NBA. Almost $200 bucks for their computer package compared to $125 for MLB. That's just nuts and I've heard that the NBA package is nothing but problems.

49er16: Do you know what to make of the Niners? Why are they struggling again in the Red Zone? Is it playcalling (which I believe it is) or is it Kaepernick?

The Colonel: I'm with you in that I think the playcalling is just bad in the red zone. They keep trying the DURR WE'RE GOING TO OVERPOWER YOU NEAR THE GOAL LINE and it never works. And the read option has disappeared. Maybe they wouldn't have problems if they would run some of those plays now and then to keep defenses on their heals.

49er16: I don't get the Greg Roman love. He ain't anything special. And the defense ain't nothing special unless they call more blitzes. When they blitzed Arizona, the Cardinals folded. Hey call more blitzes.

The Colonel: Quit stalling. I know you want to post that .gif of sad Puig.

49er16: You're right! I do want to post that .gif. Have a good week, folks.


  1. The Dodger hate is strong with you two.

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