September 10, 2013

Video: Don't F*ck With Buck

I won't go on any rants about "unwritten" rules in baseball. Let the players and managers govern themselves and stay out of their way. They don't need some asshole on their couch or on a TV set (looking at you Mike Wilbon) wagging their finger at baseball players for governing themselves. Yes we might think it's foolish, but we're not there in the ballpark or in the clubhouses.

Now that being said I love sign stealing and I love when the team who's signs are being steeled get mad. Well dumbfucks create better signs. How hard is it to change signs quickly? Why are you angry at another team stealing signs when it's your dumbasses that created the shitty signs in the first place?

I bring this up last night because you could see the season slipping out of Joe Girardi's hands last night in Baltimore. Girardi thought the Orioles 3rd base coach Bobby Dickerson was stealing the Yankee signs. So he yelled at Dickerson. Well Orioles manager Buck Showalter or any other manager would never allow the opposing team to yell at one of their coaches/players so Buck got out of the dugout and yelled back at Girardi leading to this.

Showalter giving Girardi the throat slashing gesture like he's Chris Webber in his prime is my favorite moment of the baseball season. It's absolutely beautiful. It just says, "Your season is over and you know it." And of course the Yankees lost last night slipping to 3 games back in the wild card while the Orioles are now 1.5 games back.

The lesson here is that you better be more creative at creating signs. For someone who has a industrial engineer degree, Girardi sure does have his signs stolen a lot. The other lesson here is don't fuck with Buck Showalter.

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  1. I love Girardi's tough guy bravado. You're not fooling anyone Joe.