September 2, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: Winding Down

49er16: The season is winding down and the only races that really matter right now are the wild cards and the NL Central race which is the same as the wild card race. Anything you look forward to?

The Colonel: I'm getting a sick joy out of reports that the Natinals could make a run. The Diamondbacks are closer in the Wild Card standings and they're still 15 games out in the NL East. But yeah they're totally going to make a run.

49er16: They'll be like the 2007 Phillies! Yeah I'm getting a joy out of that as well. I'm sure they'll still finish the season 3 games back in the wild card and at least 12 games back in the division. I will say it's been great seeing Jayson Werth mash again.

The Colonel: He's been great and Harper being bitched at for lack of hustle has been great as well. See it's not a Latin-American thing or a African-American thing. Coaches don't care who you are or what skin color you. They just want you to fucking hustle up the first base line.

49er16: Well at least Harper ain't a scumbag like the collection the Rays have brought together. They have an anti-Semite (Delmon Young), a birther (Luke Scott), a homophobic shortstop, (Yunel Escobar), and to top it all off a rapist (Josh Lueke). They're a convicted murderer away from completing the full house. Maybe Aaron Hernandez can play baseball after he's acquitted.

The Colonel: But they'll still be looked at as the model franchise because OMG JOE MADDON IS THE GREATEST AND ANDREW FRIEDMAN IS SMARTER THAN GOD!

49er16: I would like to see the Rays be passed by the Orioles, but the O's have regressed badly. Bud Norris hasn't improved them. Jim Johnson has gotten worse. They have a group of hackers who if they don't hit for power can't score. The O's saving grace is that they have 11 games left against Chicago and Toronto. they need to win at least 8 of those games and take at least one series from the Red Sox and Rays. I doubt the latter can happen.

The Colonel: You forgot to mention that they have a key series against Cleveland coming up as well. Speaking of the Indians they're way too inconsistent for my tastes. One minute they're winning 10 games in row, the next they're losing 8 games in row. Not exactly a model for consistency.

49er16: The A's aren't exactly consistent either. Lose three straight series' against Houston, Seattle, and Baltimore and then won 3 out of 4 in Detroit and then swept the Rays. They're a bizarre team to watch and follow.

The Colonel: The A's are wildly inconsistent at pitching and offense. The Rays series they won because of pitching and the Tigers series they won because of hitting. They're a dangerous team when everything is clicking, but those two sides haven't clicked at the same time the past two months.

49er16: Have you seen the A's schedule for the rest of the season? A whole lot of games against Houston, Minnesota, and Anaheim. It wouldn't surprise me if they comeback again on Texas in the division. They're only 1 game back now.

The Colonel: They have a big series against Texas this week at home. The other series to watch is that Baltimore-Cleveland series. Big implications for the rest of the season and the standings.

49er16: The other series to watch is between the two heavyweights, Boston vs Detroit. Pittsburgh also needs to do well against Milwaukee. They lost two out of three games against Milwaukee last week.

The Colonel: I told you the Pirates pitching would finally collapse. They started someone named Kris Johnson on Sunday and predictably he was bombed.

49er16: I like how they're setting up the pitching rotation to have Liriano pitch in case of a Wild Card berth.

The Colonel: I'm sure he'll pitch well if that happens.............

49er16: Have a good week, folks.


  1. The sad thing is Norris and Feldman are far superior to the hot garbage the O's were trotting out in that spot before the trade. I still think this team has a run in them.

    1. The 11 games against Toronto and the White Sox certainly help.