September 18, 2013


I talked about the mess in Miami yesterday so let's talk about the mess in Houston today. The Astros though have been more funny than the Marlins though. What do I mean by funny? I mean funny as sliding right into a 2nd baseman's butt.

Let's run down the list why this is the funniest play of the year:

1. Villar is trying to stretch a single into a double and he was out by at least 10 feet.
2. Villar slid like a seal jumping out of the water at Sea World.
3. Phillips didn't even turn around to make the tag. He just simply put his hands between his legs.
4. Villar slid right into Phillips' ass.
5. at least has a sense of humor and calls this play the "unfortunate slide".

Oh it's unfortunate all right. And it's also hilarious. LOL ASStros.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Astros. Now here's the question, how bad will they be next year?