August 14, 2013

All The Walkoffs

It was one of those nights in baseball yesterday. One of those nights were multiple games either end in extra innings. First lets start with Arizona-Baltimore, where Paul Goldshmidt reminded everyone that Chris Davis isn't the only good power hitting first baseman in baseball. Goldschmidt hit his 2nd home run of the night for a walkoff.

Chris Young of the A's thought he had a walkoff last night. The umps did the right thing and reviewed the play and determined that the ball went foul. The replays show no evidence that the ball hit the foul pole despite Ray Fosse whining and complaining that the ball hit the foul pole. Also fuck Ray Fosse.

The White Sox have been on a nice little run lately. They swept the Yankees right after ARod came back and now they have taken 2 out of three games so far from the Tigers in this series. Last night they won on a walkoff in extra innings.

The walkoff and game of the night belonged to Pittsburgh-St. Louis though. The Cardinals doing what they always do, pulled this game out of their asses. The Cards tied the game in the ninth inning off a Sterling Marte error when he dropped a fly ball. In extra innings both teams blew bases loaded opportunities with the Pirates blowing two bases loaded opportunities the most painful in the 14th inning. The Cardinals went on to victory later in that inning and have cut the Pirates division lead to 3 games. (MLB isn't embedding the walkoff so go watch it here.)

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  1. Oh My God, Fosse. Hawk Harrelson thinks you need to tame the homerism.