July 30, 2013

Everything Else I'll Be Watching Tonight Besides Phillies-Giants

We're a long ways away from the 2010 NLCS. In 2010 the Giants-Phillies fought for the right to go to the world series. In 2013, the Giants-Phillies are fighting for a top 10 draft pick. Tonight's starting pitchers have a combined 6 wins and 9 ERA (Zito and Lannan). Other teams are looking at both the Giants-Phillies and seeing what good players they have to make a trade offer. Or both teams could just keep their best players that are trade chips because they're dumb. Anyways I won't be watching tonight's game and instead will be watching these other programs:

- Other baseball games (specifically Pirates-Cardinals)
- Seinfeld
- A replay of the Valdosta St. vs Winston-Salem Division 2 football championship
- Leverage
- Inside the Actors Studio
- Lonesome Dove
- William & Kate: A Fairytale Wedding
- The Young and the Restless
- Deadliest Catch
- SpongeBob SquarePants
- Space Jam
- The Dr. Oz Show

I think you get the picture on how bad both of these teams are.


  1. If you had included any Obama speech on this list, then I really would be worried.

    1. Honestly. How many times can you watch him give the same speech on the economy?

  2. I'll be getting to know my wife tonight. I didn't really need the money I spent on MLB At Bat this year anyway.