June 10, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: MLB Draft Coverage, Biogenesis, & LOLMETS

49er16: Did you see this critique of the MLB Draft on the MLB Network? It's basically just one long LOL HAROLD REYNOLDS post. It begs the question though, what was Harold Reynolds doing on that set? Is the MLB Network really trying to make him the face of their network? What a blunder.

The Colonel: "MARK APPEL COULD PITCH THIS JULY FOR THE ASTROS!" They're not trying, they've succeeded in making him the face of the network. Between that debate show in the afternoon to having him on set during the draft it's obvious that the network wants him to be their studio face. Thankfully he doesn't call games with Costas.

49er16: I'm sure the network brought up the fact that Reynolds could call games and Costas was like "LOL NO". Getting back to the draft, what did you think of the coverage besides Reynolds?

The Colonel: Oh I thought it was really good. I could also do less of Sam Ryan and her cliched questions. I liked John Hart being there to describe how these kids will be developed and when they can be brought up. Mayo and Callis are less smug versions of Kiper and McShay. I'm with you though in that I would like to see some sort of pre-draft coverage leading up to the draft. There's no reason they can't preempt Intentional  Talk for a week for that kind of coverage. ESPN preempts PTI for pre-NFL coverage.

49er16: Either millions of people are watching Intentional Talk or that network really thinks very highly of Rose and Millar. It doesn't make sense not to have pre-draft shows during the week. I mean sure yeah they had a pre-draft show but it was on at 10 in the morning here on the west coast. Sadly the MLB Network has a long way to go in terms of coverage for the draft.

The Colonel: What do you think of this Biogenesis case? I can't make anything of it until something happens. Players get suspended or something else. There are way too many rumors at this point to make a full judgement.

49er16: I can't say much about it right now either.

The Colonel: Man what a fall by the Indians. Big feature on them and Francona in Sports Illustrated a couple of weeks ago and now they've lost 7 in a row, are 5.5 games out of first, and two games behind .500. I'm not going to say they're cooked, but that pitching staff has finally crashed landed along with a couple of those hitters.

49er16: Meanwhile the Royals are beating up on weaklings while still not hitting home runs. Let's see how they look next weekend after facing Detroit and then Tampa Bay for four games. I actually hope they do well for George Brett will stick around. Like seeing him in the dugout.

The Colonel: I like how every opposing team shows his pine tar incident. "Hey look there's George Brett! /cues up pine tar video //chuckles ///goes back to talking about the boring Astros offense

49er16: Is there anything worse in this world than watching the Marlins-Mets play a 1-1 game for 20 innings? That's hell on Earth if you ask me. And of course the Mets lost and of course almost the majority of the Marlins victories are against the Mets.

The Colonel: Today's game was so bad for the Mets they finally sent down Ike Davis and a couple of other players. Maybe this is just me, but that's not going to help them. Their offense is a complete wreck and they keep playing Rick Ankiel every game.

49er16: I just don't see what the Mets are trying to do. I realize the Royals prospects for the most part have failed, but at least they had a plan. What's the Mets plan? Try and contend with discarded Astros parts and David Wright? Collect a bunch of good pitchers but no hitters? I thought Alderson was suppose to be some sort of genius?

The Colonel: I said this when he was hired, Alderson has seen better days. Making him their GM is basically saying, "we're just going to cut costs and draft a bunch of guys below slot". I'll guarantee Alderson isn't with them in two years.

49er16: Any series' you're looking forward to this week? I'm actually looking forward to Giants-Pirates starting on Tuesday.

The Colonel: Only problem is on Tuesday we're going to have to hear about how that Pirates pitcher is dating Crawford's sister.


  1. Little known fact I had heard once about Chris Rose. Rose was actually fired from his first television job as a weekend sportscaster at KRNV in Reno for...well, not being very good. So if nothing else, this proves the Peter Principle.

    1. I could see that. He fell up to jobs with the MLB Network and NFL Network after hosting that God awful Best Damn Sports Show.