June 10, 2013

How One Quote Explains Baseball

“I think there’s a lot of things they can do,” said Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester. “But a lot of things they’re not going to do.”- Via the Boston Globe

Read this quote over and over again because it explains everything that is wrong with baseball. This quote specifically was talking about why baseball games take so long (Red Sox game AVERAGE 3 hours!) and why nothing will probably be done about the length of games.

This quote also explains a lot of things wrong with baseball as well. Examples:

- Why the A's haven't moved to San Jose yet and why the Giants haven't been forced to reach some sort of compromise over the San Jose territory rights.

- Why the MLB Network gets thrashed for their production of the MLB Draft.

- Why the MLB Network could be so much better than it really is.

- Why MLB is kinda sorta posting videos on YouTube.

- The blackout policies.

- The decline of African-American ballplayers (Don't worry though they have a committee to solve this problem! Just like how they have a committee to solve the San Jose territory rights dispute!)

- The decline of Puerto Rican ballplayers.

- MLB continuing airing national games on Fox despite ratings decline every year.

I can go on and on. There are a lot of problems with baseball besides the length of games but like Lester said, "they're not going to do anything about them". It's a sad reality with baseball at the moment with Selig in charge.

And here's the sad reality, with Selig due to retire at the end of next season there isn't a young Adam Silver type that is due to be promoted. Imagine how baseball will look if Joe Torre or Tony LaRussa are in charge of the game?

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  1. You and I have talked about this and I'm coming around to your theory on Selig.

    He's just too damn old to fight for anything anymore.