June 3, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: Cats & Birds, Royalty, & Natinals

49er16: I'm not going to lie, I kinda want watch a Tigers-Orioles playoff game. Their series this weekend was highly entertaining: blown saves, home runs, and beanballs. Add to the fact you have two of the more interesting managers in the game facing off and that makes for a pretty darn entertaining series. I mean wouldn't you be more interested in that series instead of another Rangers-Rays series?

The Colonel: If last season was an indicator, the Orioles will always play an interesting series. Also I want to see Detroit's reaction to Valverde blowing a save in the playoffs. I can only imagine what their reaction would be.

49er16: Could you imagine what the reaction would be if Saturday's game happened in the playoffs? Detroit fans would want Leyland's head on a stick.

The Colonel: Speaking of the AL Central, it's once again awful. The Royals who are sliding faster than a fat guy at a water park are only 6.5 games out of first. The Minnesota Twins are in third place despite having guys named Parmalee, Dozier, and Doumit in the lineup. The Indians and Tigers are the only teams with a positive run differential. What an awful division. Short term decisions have finally caught up to Minnesota and Chicago while the Royals are a mess.

49er16: I like how the Royals brought in George Brett as their interim hitting coach and he's like, "Yeah I'm going to see how this goes for a month and if it's bad I'm outta here." Talk about a publicity stunt. Then again everyone loves George Brett so I'm sure the older fans love this move while the younger fans see right through it.

The Colonel: "Come see George Brett chew tobacco in the dugout, everybody!" Yeah it's a publicity stunt that the Royals should be embarrassed about. I can see why younger Royals fans would just roll their eyes at this whole stunt.

49er16: After watching the Giants get dinked and dunked to death against the St. Louis Cardinals this weekend, it is of my opinion that the Cardinals are a really annoying team. I can stand getting beat by Molina, Beltran, or Holliday. Getting blooped though by the Pete Kozma's and Matt Carpenter's though fucking sucks.

The Colonel: What gets me about the Cardinals is where the hell do they find these guys? I get drafting well, but my God does it seem like they get a hit every time they draft someone. Every team in the league needs to evaluate how the Cardinals evaluate talent and then develop it.

49er16: And they have pitching coming out of their asses and also have the top hitting prospect in baseball. They truly are a model franchise in terms of how they build their team every season.

The Colonel: You see these complaints about the Natinals Adam LaRoche? I'm getting a sick pleasure watching the Natinals fail this season. They were so full of piss and vinegar last season that it's refreshing to see them take a back seat this season.

49er16: Their pitching this season hasn't been exactly stellar. Gio Gonzalez and Strasburg have been ineffective. Detwiler has been bad. Luckily for them though they get to play a Mets team that was swept by the Marlins this weekend and the awful Twins next weekend.

The Colonel: Any series you're looking forward to this week? The Atlanta-Pittsburgh series in intriguing because of what happened to Pittsburgh after the Atlanta series a couple of years ago.

49er16: St. Louis vs Arizona is the series for me. Grit vs Grit. Let's watch these teams annoy each other with bloop hits and little dink hits up the middle.


  1. But I thought you two weren't talking about the AL Central?

    1. Sometimes you have to talk about things you don't want to, IE the AL Central.