May 10, 2013

This Week in Baseball

A's Got Angel Hernandez'd: Yesterday I went over Angel Hernandez's blown call in the Indians-A's game. My theory is that Hernandez purposely blew that call to get into an argument with A's manager Bob Melvin. Jayson Stark of ESPN said the video the umpires use to review calls isn't very good. Either way this is embarrassing for baseball.

Ricky Romero Is Terrible: Remember Ricky Romero? He pitches for the Toronto Blue Jays and looked like another great pitcher on his way 2011? Welp fortune hasn't followed Romero since that season and he actually had to start the year in Single-A at the beginning of this season. Because of injuries Romero was called back to duty this season and has promptly sucked again and was sent back to the minors. Dustin Parkes looks at Romero and finds that he is terrible against left-handed hitters and that teams like the Rays are stacking left handed hitters against Romero.

Progressing Through The Order: This study by Behind the Boxscore finds results that I can't really say surprises me. A pitcher when facing a batter the first time will throw their fastball most of the time. As the game wears on the pitcher will throw their changeup or breaking ball more to the same batter. Can't say this study surprises me because I've heard Mike Krukow for years talking about the pitcher establishing their fastball first before throwing one of their off-speed pitches.

Matt Kemp: Good Guy: Yes I called a Dodger a good guy. Kemp on Sunday night after the Dodgers were swept by the Giants gave his jersey and cleats away to a terminally ill fan of his. If that video and story doesn't make you cry, then you're not human.

Craig Kimbrel Is Struggling: The adage today in hockey and baseball is that you should not overpay for goalies and closers. They're too combustible from year to year. One year they're great, the next year they suck. I bring this up because Braves closer Craig Kimbrel is struggling. He's blown three saves and has given up three home runs. Baseball Analytics takes a look at Kimbrel and found that he is throwing his slider less and fastball more and is getting hammered because of that. As always never trust a closer from year to year unless he's named Mariano Rivera.

Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!: My favorite manager wants to manage again! I want to see Ozzie go to Anaheim and immediately throw Pujols and Hamilton under the bus. Or go to Los Angeles and throw Kemp under the bus. And remember the only reason why Ozzie took the Miami job was because he wanted a new boat! I love Ozzie.

Games of the Weekend: Here are the games and pitching matchups you should pay attention to.

Friday, Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee, Cingrani vs. Gallardo: Cingrani has been outstanding since making his debut a few weeks ago. Cingrani is four starts so far is averaging 12 strikeouts and only 1 walk in 9 innings with a 2.61 xFIP. Cingrani has a low BABIP which suggests he's due to regress. Meanwhile if he's not drinking and driving, Gallardo is a pretty good pitcher himself.

Saturday, Cleveland at Detroit, Jimenez vs. Verlander: Indians are coming off a sweep* of the A's and have looked great in the past 10 games. Ubaldo still gives up too many walks when he starts, but he's looked better than he has in the past couple of years. Then you have Verlander who no matter when he starts it should be must see TV.

Sunday, Pittsburgh at New York Mets, Gomez vs. Harvey: Jeanmar Gomez was in the Indians farm system forever. He finally made his debut and looked pretty mediocre. Now he's with the Pirates and looking pretty mediocre again but has looked alright in two games started. Then you have Matt Harvey you has become a pitcher that you have to watch every time he takes to the mound.

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