May 6, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: #UmpShow, Halladay's Shoulder, & Spitballs

49er16: Quite a weekend for #UmpShows. Joe West went Joe West during the Giants-Dodgers game. John Hirschbeck threw out Bryce Harper halfway across the field. Will baseball ever reign these guys in?

The Colonel: We've talked about this before and I still maintain the point that Selig is done with conflict. He's not going to do anything about these #UmpShows going on in baseball today.

49er16: If I was a commissioner I would go straight to the Umpires Union and ask them to cooperate on a severance package to get rid of some of the umpires. I would start with West, CB Bucknor, Angel Hernandez, Bob Davidson, and John Hirschbeck. It doesn't have to be ugly and make it worth while to get rid of those guys.

The Colonel: I'd like to think that could happen, but I doubt the ump's union would ever fall for it.

49er16: I appreciate Halladay trying to gut out an injury, but something as serious as a shoulder injury is something he should have mentioned earlier than today when he got bombed by the Marlins out of all the teams.

The Colonel: The Phils also should have spoken up sooner or realized that maybe just maybe something wasn't all right with him. Now he has a shoulder injury and that's usually a death knell for a pitcher. Especially one his age. Sad that he could possibly go out that way.

49er16: The ESPN stats blog posted this interesting piece about Halladay's cutter declining. It's not just that he's injured, it's that he's legitimately becoming a worse pitcher before the injury.

The Colonel: He's old. Decline is what happens when you become older. Sad that it has to happen but it is expected for someone his age.

49er16: Can we just assume that every player in baseball tries to cheat and forget about this whole Clay Buchholz controversy?

The Colonel: Baseball has always been a game of cheaters. Whether it was the 51 Giants allegedly stealing signs, Whitey Ford scuffing the baseball with his wedding ring, or the steroid cheats, baseball is a game of cheaters.

49er16: And this is why I've never took the steroid era seriously or ever became outraged during that era. I don't see outrage over Whitey Ford scuffing the baseball so why should I become upset if Brady Anderson comes out of nowhere to hit 50 home runs?

The Colonel: For the race to the bottom the Astros are up two games on the Marlins! They have dropped 6 games in row including getting four-game swept by the Tigers. The Marlins did themselves no favors by winning two games in Philly.

49er16: Houston going for that record third straight number 1 overall pick in the draft. Too bad for them there hasn't been a Harper or Strasberg in the draft when they've had the pick.

The Colonel: Them's are the breaks.

49er16: Have you been following the AL Central? The Royals are looking good.

The Colonel: They're still playing Jeff Francouer everyday so nope.

49er16: Oh well. Have a good week folks.


  1. Mark in VisaliaMay 6, 2013 at 3:37 PM

    Phil Cuzzi is another ump that needs to go.

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