May 20, 2013

Talkin Baseball: Fielding Like A**holes

49er16: Man the Giants. What's with them and these streaks they go through where they play like assholes on defense? And they're simple mistakes. Missed pop up's, bad throws, really bad throws. I mean it's little league stuff they're screwing up. Why have they gone through these stretches?

The Colonel: I wish I knew. It's embarrassing how bad they've played this past week. Even worse is how much their bullpen is getting worked over. With these starters not getting deep into games, the bullpen is getting overused. This is the reason why I believe Bochy is pushing Bumgarner (their most consistent starter) harder and harder.

49er16: And there's a couple of guys in that bullpen that make me cringe when I see them. Mijares particularly, but also Lopez can be scary when he enters the game. He can only face left-handed hitters. He can't face righties anymore.

The Colonel: And don't look at their farm system. What a baron wasteland. Their most promising prospect is Joe Panik and he's projected basically to be another Marco Scutaro instead of another Chase Utley. Sad. I hope they finally start drafting some high school positions players.

49er16: I love how they kept Gary Brown over Zach Wheeler. Ugh, let's move on.

The Colonel: The team right now that is hotter than a firecracker is the Cleveland Indians. Besides Jason Giambi, who doesn't play enough, every player on their roster has a positive WAR. Even Michael Bourn who was hurt for like a month has been a positive player for them. And then there's Mark Reynolds with his typical 25 K percentage.

49er16: Hell even Justin Masterson has turned into the pitcher everyone hoped he would turn into. Even Ubaldo Jimenez is pitching like his 2010 self. I would say this is their year but everyone knows Cleveland is jinxed.

The Colonel: The Royals are finally starting to Royal. What disappointment have Moustakes and Hosmer turned into. Both of them have a negative WAR. Hosmer is particularly disappointing because he's not hitting for power at all. 1 home run, terrible ISO power and OPS.

49er16: Remember when Boras was calling players like Bumgarner and idiot for signing an extension instead of going through arbitration hearings while also saying, "Hosmer will never sign an extension like that"? Whoops! I'm sure Hosmer doesn't regret taking the money.

The Colonel: Man the Rangers just keep chugging along. I keep waiting for them to start failing like last year, but they don't have Josh Hamilton around making every type of excuse. Also helps that Yu Darvish is pitching like the guy they paid a bunch of money to be their ace.

49er16: Also helps that Mitch Moreland is playing well while the rest of the team isn't skipping a beat. Still not a fan of their outfield, but right now it doesn't even matter.

The Colonel: Okay I must admit I'm officially buying into the whole "if a player puts on Yankee pinstripes, they'll start playing like an all-star" myth. How else can you explain a corpse like Vernon Wells playing well  or guys like Travis Hafner and Lyle Overbay both playing well. It's spooky.

49er16: Everyone, including myself, keeps waiting for this team to fall off a cliff and it doesn't happen. They get stronger! They're like the Spurs right now. Count them out on your own risk. I still don't trust that pitching staff though. Pettitte is hurt and Sabathia is losing velocity. Something is going to catch up to them.

The Colonel: I agree. I still like the Red Sox or Rays to eventually overcome them. I would like the Orioles, but I still don't trust their pitching staff or Chris Davis.

49er16: The Cardinals also keep chugging along, but I trust their pitching more.

The Colonel: Oh definitely.

49er16: But I refuse to jump off that Pirates bandwagon!


  1. Lyle Overbay looks like a murderer.

  2. The Orioles are being exposed for the frauds they really are.