May 21, 2013

Alex Sanabia Wants To Be Suspended

I couldn't imagine what it's like playing for the Florida Miami Marlins. The owner could trade you the day after telling you to buy a home in the Miami area. No fans show up to the point the upper deck is being tarped off. The team itself is terrible and besides a couple of players has no hope. Now imagine playing for the Marlins? Would you want to play for a team like that? At least with the Astros there's a promise of a brighter future. What's the promise in Miami? That's why I really believe pitcher Alex Sanabia is trying to get suspended by the league for doing this.

I mean could he make that more obvious? I realized he just gave up a home run and maybe wanted an extra advantage by spitting on the ball but I don't believe it. Alex Sanabia wants to be caught. He wants to be suspended for he doesn't have to spend anymore time on that God forsaken team. Why else would he spit on the ball so openly? Because he wants to be caught, that's why!

As of right now nothing has happened to Sanabia by the league but it wouldn't surprise me if he gets suspended soon. Or the league could determine that no suspension is required and pitching for the Miami Marlins is punishment enough.

(.gif via Fangraphs)

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  1. Enjoy your suspension Alex.