May 8, 2013

Another Confession

Since I confessed yesterday about not staying up for the Spurs-Warriors game I have another confession.  I barely watched the San Jose Sharks this season. After last year's playoff series against St. Louis the Sharks looked so lifeless. Looked like their window had slammed shut. I personally wanted to see the Sharks dump some dead weight.

And then this season started. Marleau looked like the greatest player in the world for the first few games and then the Sharks started looking lifeless again. They looked like they would even miss the playoffs. And then Doug Wilson started doing Doug Wilson things. He traded away dead weight like Douglas Murray and Ryane Clowe and Michal Handzus. Brent Burns was moved from defense to offense. The Sharks put more emphasis on a young player like Logan Couture. They became faster. They clinched a playoff spot but down in the middle of the pack that no one realizes they're even in the playoffs. And they drew the perfect opponent to play.

The Sharks hadn't lost to the Vancouver Canucks all season. Not a single loss. And yes while the Sharks did benefit from some bad calls by the officials, including the last call of the series, San Jose wasn't going to lose to Vancouver. The Canucks are too much of a mess right now. And this is how the series ended.

Right now it's undecided who the Sharks will play in the next round since they're the only team at the moment to finish off their series. One this is for sure though and that is the Sharks have my attention. Niemi looks good, Couture has become a star, Pavelski is doing Pavelski things, Thornton is creating opportunities, and Marleau is sweeping opponents.

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  1. With all of that, the best move the Sharks may have made was hiring Larry Robinson as an assistant coach. One of the best defensive coaches in the history of the NHL.