April 5, 2013

And We Don't Need Replay?

Yesterday was example 1,450 why we need expanded replay in baseball. During the Rays-Orioles with the Rays down 4 and two men on base, Evan Longoria blasted a drive to left field that scored a run. There should have still been no outs with two men on base but that wasn't the case. Evan Longoria was called out for passing the runner on 2nd base. And of course the umps got the call wrong.

What an embarrassment. The Rays might not have won that game regardless but it would have been interesting to see how that game played out if Longoria was safe. There still would have been two men on base and no outs. Instead there was only one man on base and one out. Please MLB, we need full expanded replay.


  1. Speaking of this, I had a thought about this recently. If instant replay ever comes to MLB, would it be possible to get a strike out or a walk overturned with video review? Or how long an already lengthy game like your typical Yankees/Red Sox game might go on if you get managers into a borderline strike three pissing contest via video review. Understandably, that scenario is kind of far fetched and I see a lot of obvious reasons for having replay in baseball, but sometimes in life there are no solutions, only trade-offs.

  2. I realize I'm a homer on this, but from Gary Thorne's call it was obvious that Thorne thought Longoria had passed Zobrist. I don't think I've ever seen one happen like that.