February 28, 2013

I, Claudius: The Baseball Edition

The Colonel and I have started out own little book club thing. Okay so maybe it's not a book club, we're just reading the I,Claudius books at the same time and then watching the mini-series. While sitting at the Cantina we decided to put together out own little movie cast. Which baseball players would be characters in I, Claudius? Here's our selections:

Claudius, Michael Young: Too easy right? Claudius would have definitely been called "gritty" or a "gamer" if he played baseball because of his limp and stuttering problems. Claudius was also miscast by his relatives that thought he was dumb. Well if you read these stories coming out of Phillies camp, you would think the Rangers completely miscast Young and treated him badly.

Livia, Kirk Gibson: In the book Livia is seen as a devil of a woman. Someone who would send a doctor to kill her own son to make her other son, Tiberius, the ruler of Rome. Gibson is the Livia of baseball right now. Gibson's lust for grit has lead to the Diamondbacks chasing off Chris Young, Trevor Bauer, and Justin Upton. He poisoned Justin Upton like Livia poisoning Augustus.

Tiberius, Nyjer Morgan: Tiberius is seen as someone who just wants to be loved. Even though Nyjer Morgan isn't in the majors anymore, his media appearances and his character "Tony Plush" represent someone who just wants to be loved. Love Tiberius and Nyjer!

Augustus, Buster Posey: A man of good nature who genuinely wanted what was good for his family and Rome. Reminds me of Buster Posey, a player who wants what's good for the Giants and has won a couple of a championships. If you were in the media, you could even compare the Livia and Augustus relationship to the Posey and Lincecum relationship.

Caligula, Alex Rodriguez: This comparison was put on a tee for us. I'm not so sure ARod isn't a descendant of Caligula. They're both gluttons, Caligula for women, ARod for embarrassment. Caligula was assassinated  ARod you can't convince me hasn't been targeted for assassination by the Yankees after this latest doping news. ARod's reign has lasted a lot longer, but their life parallel's so much that it's scary.


  1. I'm still struggling to come up with a comparison for Sejanus.

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  2. The problem is Tiberius & Sejanus are close confidantes working the inside & outside game together. Meanwhile Sejanus plots against Tiberius. So, you need a better Tiberius than Nyjer Morgan. Maybe it's Strasburg & Scott Boras?