January 22, 2013

We'll Also Hear About This For The Next 2 Weeks

In yesterday's post of Super Bowl story lines that will annoy the public I knew I would miss a couple of story lines. For instance the Blind Side guy Michael Oher. Here's another story I missed that I'm sure will be told roughly a million times in the coming weeks, Ray Lewis' first sack victim was Jim Harbaugh. CBS Sports is the first website to beat this drum.
But there is one piece of beautiful irony that has been overlooked, something so delightfully full circle. Lewis' first career sack, in 1996, was of San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. At the time Harbaugh was quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts and Lewis was playing in just his sixth career game.

It's truly amazing that, of Lewis' 41.5 sack victims, he'd meet his first in his final game, a Super Bowl. For his part, Harbaugh was asked about being Lewis' first victim earlier this month, and he said he didn't find out until recently, when his father told him.

"No, I didn't know that. ... My dad called me up and said he was in Baltimore and some of the writers there had mentioned it to him," Harbaugh said.

"My legend grows. Ray Lewis' first sack."

Oh that Jim Harbaugh, what a crack up. 

This will be another one of those story lines that will drive us nuts for two weeks. DID YOU KNOW RAY LEWIS' FIRST SACK WAS AGAINST JIM HARBAUGH? Ugh these two weeks can't go by fast enough.

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