January 21, 2013

Talkin' Sports: SUPER BOWL!

49er16: SUPER BOWL!


49er16: I don't know if it was the alcohol (probably) but that game was a complete blur. I have no idea how the Niners won that game. Magic?

The Colonel: Well long story short, Matt Ryan gonna Matt Ryan. Long story long, the Niners offense didn't rely on Kaepernick running the ball for 200 yards and actually found Vernon Davis. The defense though worries me heading into the super bowl.

49er16: Yeah that defense lucked out at the end but they never broke. Still though they worried me because they couldn't get a pass rush going. Hopefully the 2 weeks off gives Justin Smith time to get better. They'll need him and the other Smith in the Super Bowl.

The Colonel: What I can't believe is that neither the Patriots or Falcons scored in the 2nd half of the games. The Super Bowl is going to be like a tug-a-war. Whoever scores last will win.


The Colonel: Ray Lewis having his character dissected too me will be way more annoying than anything related to the Harbaugh's. That being said, I am going to be tired of Tom Crean after these two weeks. I don't want to see his big fat nose into everything.

49er16: He's going to appear on PTI, isn't he? Yeah I'm not looking forward to seeing Crean stick his nose into the discussion.

The Colonel: Still though none of this will be as bad as Patriots undefeated talk or Jerome Bettis is from Detroit talk. It will be bad though.

49er16: That year was horrendous. And then Bill Leavy officiated that game like he had money on the Steelers. Hopefully he won't be the ref for the Super Bowl.

The Colonel: Just our luck it will be Hochuli but I heard it will be the ref during the Niners-Packers game, Jerome Boger.

49er16: Yikes. He was bad during a Niners game a few years back. He seems to be improved though. Hopefully the Super Bowl doesn't turn into a ref show.

The Colonel: The Niners right now are five point favorites. More fuel for the Ravens.

49er16: Well like I said on Friday, gamblers know more about football than Bill Walsh, George Halas, and Paul Brown alive. Hopefully they're right. It wouldn't surprise me if that line comes down from people betting the Ravens.

The Colonel: So what are we suppose to do know for two weeks?

49er16: Watch basketball? It's the 2nd week leading up the Super Bowl that always feels like it plays out forever. When all the news coverage converges to the Super Bowl location.

The Colonel: Oh my God I can't stand listening to sports radio during Super Bowl week while I'm in the office. Every show is at the Super Bowl interviewing athletes who are trying to sell something. It's the worst.

49er16: And this week will be nothing but recaps of Sunday's games. February 3rd can't get here soon enough.


  1. I listen to the Jim Rome Show almost every day of the week except the super bowl week. That's just an endless parade of ex and current athletes shilling products. No thanks.

  2. Boger officiating a game with the physicalness of these 2 teams has the potential for disaster. After all, this is the guy who got bumped by Cam Newton and HE DIDN'T FUCKING EJECT HIM.

    1. Woof. I forgot about that. I hope Buck and Aikman were wrong when they said Boger will probably be the ref for this game.

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