January 10, 2013

Sammy Sosa Will Next Try To Sell You A Timeshare in North Dakota

This has been making the rounds all over the Internet. Sammy Sosa has a Pinterest account and it is indeed real and spectacular. Here are the best photos.
Nice of the first photo of Sammy is him taking a picture of himself with his cell phone like a 16-year old girl. Also gotta love that Cosby sweater he's wearing.
You gotta love anyone who stands behind a desk with a poster of himself in the background. I might take a picture of myself with a photo of me playing high school football in the background because of this.
Sammy once again has that giant poster of himself in the background. Only this time he's wearing a suit and giving the peace sign to his computer. Computers just want the Internet to be a peaceful place and Sammy is now their spokesperson.
My favorite of all. Sammy looks like he's prepared to sell you a timeshare in North Dakota. He has the casual suit, his hands are crossed, and he's ready to sell you some barren wasteland near the Canadian border.

There are more photos than just these and I do suggest looking at them.

1 comment:

  1. Throw in an ice fishing shanty and some new ultralight tackle, you have yourself a deal, Sammy!