January 17, 2013

Other Hoax's In Sports (Update!)

The Manti Te'o-dead girlfriend hoax isn't the only hoax in sports. Hell it's not the only hoax this week. Let's take a look at some great sports hoax's from this week and in the past.

Chip Kelly Won't Really Coach The Philadelphia Eagles Next Season- Chip was just trying to force Oregon to pick one fucking uniform for the entire season. 

Lance Armstrong Isn't Really a Drug Cheat- The French just wanted Lance to cry on Oprah's couch. 

Lane Kiffin Is Not Really The USC Coach- Kidding. This one is real and it's spectacular. 

The BWAA Really Did Induct a Player Into the Baseball HOF- But that player was David Eckstein because gritty players would never take roids. Also his induction will be announced before the USA's first WBC game because Eckstein is a real American. 

The Gold Club Never Happened- The players visiting that seedy strip club were really there to take dance lessons. 

The Giants Never Beat The Patriots In Two Super Bowls- Whoops! This isn't a hoax even though Patriots fans would lead you to believe it's a hoax. 

Ray Lewis Never Obstructed Justice- He was just trying to motivate the dead guys from inside his limo. 

Tiger Never Cheated on Elin- He also created a fake girlfriends. 

The San Francisco Giants Never Won Two Championships in Three Years- It was all one big hoax to make sabermetric nerds cry. 

Notre Dame Was Duped- They never actually played in the national championship game this year.

(Update!) From my friend Angie: "Brett Hull didn't really have his foot in the crease" it was just an optical illusion.

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