December 27, 2012

There Was Some Rough Play In The NBA Last Night

There was some rough play last night in the NBA and Dwyane Wade literally kicked it off.

I love how Ramon Sessions was the player who was called for the foul. Um excuse me Mr. Official but did you see Wade kick Sessions in the balls? Why would you call Sessions for the reach in foul? It's nice to know NBA refree's are still incompetent. (Video via Ball Don't Lie)

The other hard foul involved Dwight Howard and he was thankfully whistled correctly for the foul.

And here I thought the Lakers traded Andrew Bynum because of plays like this? Thankfully there is justice in the world and the Lakers lost to the Nuggets snapping their 5-game winning streak. Any time the Lakers lose an Angel receives it's wings. (Video via Eye on Basketball)

1 comment:

  1. Sessions getting called for the foul instead of Wade is one of the reasons why I don't watch the NBA as much anymore.