December 6, 2012

Donnie Baseball Trying To Do The MLB Network A Favor

I know a lot of people don't pay attention to baseball this time of the year. Colleges are playing bowl games, the NFL is winding up their season, the NHL & NBA is in full swing. No one pays attention to baseball unless their team makes a trade or signs a player.

Well I've found a reason to pay attention to baseball. During the winter meetings in Nashville this week the MLB Network has been all over these meetings with live shows. Unfortunately that also means Chris Rose and ultimate Broheam Kevin Millar are also at the winter meetings spewing "Got Heem's" and nonsense. Thankfully though Don Mattingly came to the rescue and tried to get these idiots fired by saying this.

Atta boy Mattingly. Not only have you given the Giants victories (walking Pagan to get to Scutaro last year and making two trips to the mound with Broxton pitching meaning he had to pull Broxton in favor of stone cold George Sherrill) but now you're trying to get Rose and Millar fired and do a favor for the MLB Network. You're my favorite Yankees/Dodgers crossover ever. /pukes

(Via The Big Lead)

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