November 19, 2012

Talkin' Sports: I'm a Jinx & Resigning Over Tumblr

49er16: It's all my fault both KState and Oregon lost this week. This is what I said in last week's Must List: "I don't want to see Notre Dame or Alabama in the championship game." It's all my fault. I take full responsibility for this.

The Colonel: Oh it's definitely all of your fault. You just had to say you had a bad feeling about Kansas State. I hate you. (Not really)

49er16: Any hope either Notre Dame or Alabama loses in the coming weeks? I could see Kiffin trolling everyone and USC pulls the upset. I have zero faith that either Auburn or Georgia beats Bama. We're headed for another SEC national champion. Dammit.

The Colonel: Yeah I can see Kiffin and USC pulling off the troll job against the Irish. Georgia is too hit or miss for me. They can look really good or like crap and you're never really sure what team you're going to get.

49er16: The other story today out of college football is what AJ Barker of Minnesota did. He quit playing for the Gophers over Twitter and then wrote this long letter to Jerry Kill and then posted it on the Internet. Ah you got to love the day and age when guys can quit over Twitter and then blast their coach over a Tumblr. Don't you wish you could do this in real life?

The Colonel: Dear Boss: I resign but you have to read my two week notice on Tumblr. XOXO, The Colonel.

49er16: Receive a message back that says, "LOL, that's funny." And you're like, "No man I mean it. I quit!" And they're like, "Thanks for making me look like a dick for all can see." And you're like, "You should have loved me more." And they're like, "That diamond ring doesn't count?"

The Colonel: At least this guy provided some evidence over why he's quitting. Unlike that Washington State player. Still it's a weird society that we live in where a player can state over the Internet why he's quitting and so far it's been ugly.

49er16: This is such a weird society we live in today. I haven't met a football coach yet who doesn't have a little asshole in them. And from that letter Barker says Kill just basically yelled at him, doubted how injured he was, and didn't like his religious views. Hardly grounds to fire a guy, but in today's society I guess that counts for abuse. Weird.

The Colonel: I remember in high school we had a running back on our team who we were all sure was milking an injury. And I specifically remember the coach calling him out in front of the team and the next week he ran for over 100 yards. What I'm saying is this kid could really be milking an injury. Or maybe he isn't. It's one of those cases where you need more evidence.

49er16: He could be. In today's society though I'm sure there's already a group of people who want Jerry Kill hanged in front of the Mall of America.

The Colonel: Do we tip our toes into this Trout-Cabrera MVP debate? Or do we leave that to the handwringers?

49er16: What fascinates me about this whole ordeal is how many people are seduced to stats in baseball writing. It doesn't matter if it's back of baseball card stats or advance metrics. People are seduced by stats in baseball. Shit all you had to do was watch highlights and you would see Trout was the better player this year.

The Colonel: Stats in baseball are seductive like money to Wall Street players. The bigger the number, the bigger their eyes open. Although the overwhelming support of Cabrera by the BWAA writers says it was more than just a triple crown and more about poking their finger in the eye of advance metrics writers. You can't convince me that some of those guys didn't vote for Cabrera just for that reason.

49er16: Judging on Mitch Albom's horrendous column, I'll definitely say that was a factor. They were pounded over the head about Trout's superiority that they went the other way with their vote.

The Colonel: You gotta love that Albom column. Like a bully stealing a kid's snack and then making fun of the kid while he cries into his chocolate milk. I'm surprised Albom didn't give Jonah Keri a wedgie after writing it.


  1. Players also picked Cabrera because of TRIPLE CROWN! But that's because they know they get paid off of those categories.

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