November 12, 2012

Talkin' Sports: Bama, Lakers & Cousins

49er16: I was more than pleased to see Alabama lose on Saturday and to an "fancy pants" offense. Is it just me or does Saban teams struggle against teams with even a moderate athletic quarterback?

The Colonel: Well one thing is for sure, there aren't that many Tebow's or Cam Newton's in the SEC like there is in the Big 12 or even the Pac-10. And if you look at Saban's career his defenses have struggled against teams with athletic QB's unless he thoroughly prepares for them. After he seen Tebow once he knew the book on him and that's why Bama beat Florida a couple of years ago. It's like he needs to see them in person once before knowing how to defend them. Manziel will probably lose to Saban next season.

49er16: In other college football news it looks like maybe the Adam Jones incident wasn't just some rich kid with a famous father pouting that a coach was mean to him. Looks like Mike Leach truly is an asshole.

The Colonel: I'll say this about this situation, that letter the kid wrote is incredibly vague. He uses the word "abuse" loosely and doesn't give specific evidence of "abuse". What I mean is what kind of "abuse" is this kid referring to? Physical? Mental? Drug? And as we learned from the Bernie Fine case, we shouldn't take someones word until evidence is turned up.

49er16: I'm with you. Need to see more evidence before making a judgement. I didn't land on either side during the Paterno debate until there was hard evidence he did nothing to protect those kids. I'm going to stay neutral here until I hear more.

The Colonel: Also remember Leach has a history. This kid could be capitalizing on this. Or Leach could be an asshole abuser. We'll need to learn more.

49er16: This whole Laker situation is weird. Fired a coach after 5 games. Set themselves up to bring back Phil Jackson. Hire Mike D'Antoni. Phil Jackson though would have been all wrong for this team. The triangle offense is for teams without point guards. Not for teams with Steve Nash. D'Antoni makes sense.

The Colonel: I like this Woj story about Phil trying to screw Jim Buss. Hasn't Phil screwed enough members of the Buss family? Phil would have been great for the Lakers. He checked out two years ago, would have coached just for the money, and would have stuck Nash in the triangle. Damn I wish they would have hired Phil.

49er16: Well now that you said it.....................DAMMIT THEY SHOULD HAVE HIRED PHIL!

The Colonel: This DeMarcus Cousins suspension is ridiculous. It's a pure reputation, selective enforcement suspension. The NBA doesn't even suspend guys guilty of drinking and driving that many games.

49er16: I will say this. Cousins deserved to be punished for showing his lack of immaturity. In a lot of ways Cousins needs to be punished for being an immature jerk. This needs to be said. Now with that said it is ridiculous Cousins has been suspended while a known troll like Sean Elliot receives no punishment and that Cousins has been suspended as harshly as Thomas Robinson who threw an elbow at a player's face. If that isn't selective enforcement then I don't know what is.

The Colonel: What amazes me about this whole ordeal is how big of homers NBA announcers are. There isn't just slight homerism, I'm talking about full-on Hawk Harrelson homerism. Elliot along with Tom Heinsohn make Harrelson appear fair.

49er16: When doing my MLB broadcaster impressions project I noticed announcers fell into three category's: 1) Great 2) Boring 3) Homers. These three category's can be applied to NBA announcers with the majority of them falling into the third category with small portions falling into the second and first category's.

The Colonel: And Elliot definitely falls into the third category.

49er16: Did you know NFL games could still end in a tie? Kidding. What a bizarre game that was for the 49ers.

The Colonel: I haven't listened to KNBR in a while, but I'm sure the Kaepernick people were in full force saying he should start the rest of the year.

49er16: And I'm sure my father is one of them. Although I will say I'll never be the biggest Smith fan, I at least know he's a better option than the Ostrich robot.

The Colonel: That defense isn't looking as strong as it did last year. They've had teams exploit them on the ground and they're not getting as many sacks as last year. I don't think they'll be going far in the playoffs.

49er16: That's why I was so devastated after last year's loss to the Giants in the NFC championship game. That was their best opportunity and Kyle Williams fumbled it away. There's just no way the defense would be that good again or that Alex Smith will ever get that close. Their window opened and shut in a hurry.


  1. So much of that A&M victory reminded me of the Utes 08/09 Sugar Bowl W against Bama. Delicious to see Saban fall for that yet again.

    1. Also what is delicious about that victory is Bama fans pretend it never happened. Seriously make a comment at EDSBS and see how many Bama fans pretend it never happened.

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