October 11, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Go To Bed Before The Final Out

I went to bed last night after the 8th inning in the A's-Tigers game. The A's offense hadn't done much in the game, or that series to be honest, that warranted me staying up any longer to watch the A's in the ninth inning. Fail. Seth Smith tied the game and then Coco Crisp sent the series to a game 5.

Just another lesson why you shouldn't go to bed before the final out. So now both the Giants and A's, you both lost the first two games of their respective series', play in game 5 today. Also both the Cards and Yankees can finish out their series' today as well. Should be another great day of baseball.


  1. Shame on you. You had to know the A's are walkoff kings are were more than capable of doing that.

  2. See the last 3 innings of Nats and Cards Game 5 for further proof of this.