October 15, 2012

Talkin' Baseball: Championship Series

49er16: I don't want to get into the championship series' yet, so let's talk about Davey Johnson leaving Drew Storen in the game. To go Seinfeld on you, What was the deal with that?

The Colonel: I honestly think Davey feel asleep in the dugout. I mean I couldn't see him while Storen was shitting the bed so he had to have taken a nap in the dugout. That can be the only explanation.

49er16: If Storen wasn't a furd grad, I would almost feel sorry for him. He was disastrous.

The Colonel: And of course he got beat by Daniel Descalso and Pete Kozma. Which feels appropriately Cardinals. It had to be those guys. It couldn't have been Holliday or Beltran or even Molina. It had to be the vanilla midgets.

49er16: And of course it had to be also them against the Giants tonight, sigh.

The Colonel: Bumgarner didn't exactly help his cause either. My God has he been bad the past month. And I'm sorry but Lincecum needs to start a game in this series.

49er16: Staying with Bumgarner for a second, it's unbelievable how bad he is in the stretch position. It's really been his weakness since he came up in 2010. He just falls apart with runners on base like he did tonight at home. And yeah Lincecum should definitely start a game this series.

The Colonel: I don't trust Zito any longer and Lincecum has finally limited his walks given up. Just our luck though he'll suck in his start and who knows if Bumgarner can have another good start. I know it's one loss but I ain't feeling great about this series.

49er16: I still feel like the Giants can beat these guys. They just need their starters not give up too much damage. That's all what they need. Their starters so far in the playoffs is what has held them up except for Vogelsong. (Knocks on wood since he starts tomorrow)

The Colonel: Well that's the thing. The starters have been inconsistent all year. If their bad side shows up, which has happened so far, they'll lose and probably lose big.

49er16: Let's just move on before I start crying. Did us ignoring the AL Central this year fire up the Detroit Tigers? What the hell has gotten into them.

The Colonel: I have to say seeing the Yankees catch all the bad breaks so far (Swisher's fuck up, the blown pick off call) has been very refreshing. They caught all the breaks against the Orioles. A shaky Jim Johnson, Adam Jones and Matt Wieters disappearing, Mark Reynolds remembering he's Mark Reynolds, it's about time the Yankees caught a bad break here or there.

49er16: Can we say that series is over? Verlander has the chance still to pitch two more games and Fister is a strike out machine. Is it over?

The Colonel: I hate saying any series is over before it's actually over, but yeah the Yankees have to go to Detroit and still face Verlander. Jeter is also out, ARod can't hit the broad side of a barn right now, Granderson ain't looking too great, so it does look like it's over.

49er16: This has been talked about a lot, but ARod is showing his age badly this postseason. He can't hit a fastball and is chasing everything else. Of course he hasn't looked that good all year.

The Colonel: The Yankees are going to have big problems the next couple of years. Players are getting older and they all have long term contracts. Unless the Yankees start eating those deals, which is doubtful, they're going to get worse.

49er16: Lost in all of this is Francisco Rodriguez being arrested for domestic abuse. What a swell guy. Beats up the father in law and then beats up the wife. Sweet guy, really.

The Colonel: MLB should revoke his saves record.

49er16: I saw Jeff Fletcher say the MLB awards won't be announced until mid November. Why not just announce them at the beginning of next year or never? Announcing the award winners two weeks after the season is beyond ridiculous.

The Colonel: That has to be a Selig idea. "Hey guys know how we can stay relevant past our season? Let's announce our awards one at a time and in the middle of November! Problem solved."

49er16: Do we just assume now every bad idea is Bud's now? (Thinking) Yes we do.

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  1. It's probably for the best that you never got around to discussing what happened in Charlottesville on Saturday.