October 24, 2012

Talkin' Baseball: World Series

49er16: Man the Giants can't win with shit like this. They keep the Melky Cabrera off the roster and their hypocrites. And I would bet if they brought Melky back to the roster for the World Series and if they win, everyone would say they only won because they used a drug cheat like Melky. The Giants can't win even when they do the right thing.

The Colonel: Oh everyone loves to jump on their high horse with steroids. Look at Lance Armstrong right now. So yeah the Giants can't win with this. And like you said, if they did allow Melky back on the playoff roster they would be vilified. You just got to ignore assholes like Passan.

49er16: Is Blanco a better hitter than Melky? Of course not. But it's not like he's been a disaster to the point Bochy has had to play (gulp) Xavier Nady. I think Blanco has been pretty good in the postseason. And everyone forgets but it was Sandoval who nearly hit a grand slam against Verlander in the All-Star game this year. Melky only won that award because he hit a home run.

The Colonel: That's what cracks me up about this Melky outrage. Blanco hasn't been a disaster and if Sandoval hits the ball a little deeper in Kansas City then he's the MVP. But all of that is forgotten of course because MELKY OUTRAGE!

49er16: Speaking of can't catch a break, I love people saying things like "Ha ha Brian Sabean will be around forever now." These people are just the worst. Sabean has now built teams that have won three pennants in 10 years with one championship. How many pennants has Friedman won? Or that guy running the Blue Jays? Or Billy Beane? Sabean drives me nutty, like most Giants fans, but let's give the guy some fucking credit. His teams have won 3 pennants in 10 fucking years! That's one more pennant than the Phillies and Yankees in 10 years and the same amount the Cardinals have won.

The Colonel: Sabean suffers from "He didn't build this team like us sabermetric elitist do so we're just going to make fun of him because we have no reasonable explanation of why the Giants have won 3 pennants in 10 years". What gets me though is that does anyone look at the Giants roster? Half the infield is homegrown talent. The pitching staff is one overpriced starter and homegrown talent. The current left fielder is someone picked up for the cheap off the scrap heap and the other two outfielders were picked up in smart trades. Especially the Pagan deal. Sabean might not have followed the Sabermetric playbook to a tee, but for Christ sake this isn't a team that has just bought all their talent like the Phillies. Sabean had to make some savvy moves to put this team together.


The Colonel: Okay enough Sabean/Melky talk.What are your fears for this series? Mine are the Giants will once again fall behind in the series and will have to catch up. And they're not going to catch up with a team starting Verlander.

49er16: That's my fear as well. They have to split at home. Have to. My other fear is that they'll start hacking since the Tigers are a strikeout team and will hack themselves into a hole. The pitching staff has been wildly inconsistent this year so I have no clue what they'll will do. I am confident this team will play better defense, run the bases better, and the bullpen will be better.

The Colonel: Hacking away at strikeout pitchers though might be the way to go. Obviously they'll be pitching in the strike zone so swinging away might actually help them. The Giants though have to score early. When they score early they're a tough team to beat.

49er16: That will be the key. Also tonight Zito has to give them 5 innings without embarrassing himself. If he can do that I think the Giants will be fine.

The Colonel: I saw the Marlins canned 49er16 cult hero Ozzie Guillen yesterday. How are you taking the news?

49er16: About as well as Ricky Nolasco. Ozzie's craziness fit well in that Loria craziness. Why get rid of it?

The Colonel: Because there's too much crazy for two people under one ridiculous roof? Also because of what Fredi Gonzalez said, you can't please someone like Loria.

49er16: I love that quote by Gonzalez and I love Loria's response. Loria reminds me of that kid in high school who can't fit in but tries to do everything in his power to fit in and he comes off either as a dork or as an asshole.

The Colonel: That's why Alex Rodriguez would honestly be the only good fit for the Marlins manager. Think about what you said for a second. Someone who doesn't fit in, does everything in his power to fit in, only to come off as an asshole or a dork. That's Alex Rodriguez! He could be a player-manager and the Marlins would only have to pay him what's on his contract.

49er16: Perfect idea! Make it happen Loria.

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  1. Passan on his high horse right now on Twitter about Melky.