October 19, 2012

Bookies Love Jim Harbaugh This Morning

Confession: I despise gambling on sports and laugh at people who do and then lose money on games. There's something so unappealing to me about gambling on sports. I'd rather go out for a nice dinner instead of gambling on a game. My reason, sports are too unpredictable. Something fluky can happen in a game that can destroy your bet and there goes all your money. Example of a fluky situation swinging a gambling line, last night's Seattle-San Francisco game.

With the 49ers leading 13-6 with the game coming to the end, a chop block penalty was called on Seattle in the end zone. That would result in a safety to give the 49ers a 15-6 lead and push the spread past 7 points. Harbaugh fearing an onside kick or a fumbled kickoff return, Harbaugh declined the safety and took the ball for a kneel down (The chop block happened on a 4th down and Seattle didn't reach it past the first down marker). And that's where Harbaugh goes right into the doghouse for a lot of gambling degenerates. Via RJ Bell of Pregame.com:

What did the safety mean for bettors?

An estimated 65% of the money bet on the game backed San Francisco;
with 35% of the money backing Seattle.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Coach Harbaugh’s unconventional decision
resulted in a $75 Million dollar swing worldwide
with the Bettors overall losing that amount (due to 65% of action on 49ers)
and the Bookies overall winning that amount.

49ers -7 had money refunded (but would have won with the safety)
49ers -7.5 or -8 lost (but would have won with the safety)
Seahawks +7 had money refunded (but would have lost with the safety)
Seahawks +7.5 or +8 won (but would have lost with the safety)


You gambling degenerates reaped what you sowed. Don't bet money on sports games. They're too unpredictable and something fluky like what happened last night can happen that swings the line. Gamble that money on the slot machines or blackjack. Or something even smarter, don't gamble at all and just enjoy life instead of blowing your money on gambling.

/gets off high horse

(Via Deadspin)


  1. Betting on sports is much more entertaining than watching some numbers spinning around.

    It's just 1 bet, serious sports punters will just take it on the chin and move on. All part of the game and the drama.

    1. It's just not for me. And if you need gambling to help you enjoy sports, then maybe you need to find some new entertainment.

  2. I could kiss Harbaugh for declining that penalty. I'll at least buy him a beer. (One of those who had Seattle +7)

  3. My 3 1/2 years in Reno clued me into just how many people only enjoy sports because of the betting/gambling aspect of it.

    I remember sitting in the Reno Hilton Sportsbook the day that Utah beat BYU by a 3-0 score to win the Mountain West in 2003. A guy who had money on the Utes screamed at me because the Utes were 10 point favorites and Urban decided not to go for a touchdown deep in Cougar territory after Brandon Warfield converted a first down with about 40 seconds left. That clinched the Utes first outright conference title in football in 47 years and this dude was mad because that game ruined his parlay card.

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